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Life in Color with David Attenborough Drops On Netflix Today

Life in Color with David Attenborough Drops On Netflix Today

Celebrate Earth Day with the soothing tones of Sir David Attenborough

Charlie Bell

Charlie Bell

Thursday is Earth Day so it seems pretty appropriate that there's a brand-new Sir David Attenborough documentary dropping on Netflix - and it looks like it's going to be one of the most captivating series yet.

Life in Color premieres on the streaming service on 22nd April and it explores the vital role colour plays in the lives of animals, from using it to hide from a rival to win over a mate.

And to make the doc extra amazing, the show has developed specially made cameras to help viewers see it from an animal's perspective.

Life in Color (

These new innovative technologies will allow us to see colours that are usually invisible to human eyes - such as bright signals on butterfly's wings and facial markings on yellow damselfish.

Check out the official trailer below.

"Animals can use colour for all different reasons whether to win a mate or beat a rival, to warn off an enemy or to hide from one," says Sir David in the official trailer.

"To understand how these colours work we need to see them from an animal's perspective. With new cameras developed especially for this series, now we can."

He continues, "We will reveal a world that has long been hidden from our eyes. Colours so bold and brilliant they dazzle our senses."

Sounds pretty cool huh?

David Attenborough's New Nature Doc Drops On Netflix Today (

The trailer shows some incredible footage of a peacock shaking its fancy feathers to attract a mate to a tiger using its stripes to hide.

And then it takes it one step further - thanks to those fancy cameras - and viewers can see how creatures use colours not visible to the human eye.

A beautiful vibrant backdrop, adorable animals and of course the dulcet tones of national treasure David Attenborough, Life in Color looks set to be gripping telly.

Definitely not to be missed!

David Attenborough Life in Color, on Netflix from Thursday 22nd April

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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