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'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' Season 6 Is Coming To Netflix UK On 28th March

'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' Season 6 Is Coming To Netflix UK On 28th March

Dems da rules.

Lauren Bell

Lauren Bell

Brooklyn Nine-Nine fans rejoice, news has just dropped that the sixth season will land on Netflix on 28th March.

The streaming service took to its Twitter account today revealing: "You, for the last year: OK BUT WHAT ABOUT B99 s6?!

"Us, finally: March 28".

Whilst Season 6 landed on E4 last year in the UK, fans of the comedy sitcom - about the misadventures of NYPD's 99th police department - have been waiting for news of a Netflix release, especially those that missed it.

People have been quick to express their joy, with one replying to Netflix saying: "FINALLYYYYYYY OMMMGGGGGGGGGG".

Another added: "The tweet we've all been waiting for".

A third cheekily said: "OH MY GOD FINALLY YOU HAD ONE JOB".

Whilst others really pushed their luck, replying with: "When is s7," to which Netflix simply replied: "don't".

The frustrating delay for UK viewers hoping to watch on the streaming service is due to licensing.

Netflix cannot stream Brooklyn Nine-Nine as soon as it airs on NBC in the US, as it has to wait and also pay for licensing rights. Something which Netflix has struggled to explain before, once even cheekily tweeting about its frustrations in an attempt to explain.

But at least we now have the sixth season, which (great news) is 18 episodes long - that'll certainly keep us amused for a while.

The seventh season however is set to drop in the US next week, but we're guessing we'll have to wait a few weeks for it to launch on E4.

Netflix devotees have been waiting for season 6 to drop (

Last year, it appeared on its UK channel just over a month after it was shown stateside, so it's looking like it could be March this year, followed by Netflix picking it up in January 2021.

At least we've now got things to look forward to. Now that Cheer is finished we've been crying out for something to get stuck into. Thanks Netflix.

Featured Image Credit: E4

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