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'American Murder' Viewers Convinced Shanann Watts Sent Police Murder Clue From Beyond The Grave

'American Murder' Viewers Convinced Shanann Watts Sent Police Murder Clue From Beyond The Grave

Viewers are adamant that one moment in the documentary revealed a message from Shanann.

Lucy Devine

Lucy Devine

Ever since American Murder: The Family Next Door dropped on Netflix, viewers have been gripped to the shocking and heartbreaking story of Shanann Watts, who - along with her children - was murdered by her husband, Chris Watts.

Viewers watched as the cold hearted killer took on the role of a concerned and bereft father and husband - desperate for the return of his family after they were reported missing.

But behind the facade, Watts was responsible for their deaths. He brutally killed pregnant Shanann, four-year-old Bella and three-year-old Celeste before hiding their bodies in an oil tank.

Watts brutally murdered his wife and children (

Now, viewers think there's one moment in the documentary where Shanann is sending clues to the police, about the truth behind her disappearance.

When the mum is first reported missing by her friend Nickole, police arrive at Shanann's home where an officer begins investigating what could have happened.

At one point, Watts, the officer and Watts' neighbour begin to go through some security footage, to hunt for clues. But as the neighbour turns the CCTV off, the TV flicks on and a foetus and a skull appear on the screen.

A foetus appears on screen (

One viewer wrote on Facebook: "Chris Watts stood next to the TV in his neighbours home while the police watched the cctv footage.... As they chatted, a foetus, then a skull floating in oil appeared on the screen.

"His wife Shannan was 4 months pregnant and he put his two daughters in oil tanks. If you believe in the paranormal, was it Shannan sending them clues or coincidence?"

Very creepy. You can watch the moment below:

Other viewers agreed, with one commenting: "I noticed that too. He seemed a lil spooked to see it, to me."

While another said: "Totally Shannan telling her cold chills."

Meanwhile one added: "I personally believe it was a message. I remember seeing the body cam footage for the first time of this encounter and then knowing what had happened it sent chills down my spine!"

If you're yet to watch, you can find the heartbreaking documentary on Netflix now.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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