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Schitt's Creek Fans Convinced Joe Biden Hid Reference To Iconic Scene In His Victory Speech

Schitt's Creek Fans Convinced Joe Biden Hid Reference To Iconic Scene In His Victory Speech

Did the president elect really make a reference to the hit show?!

Gregory Robinson

Gregory Robinson

Fans of the cult comedy series Schitt's Creek have probably spent a lot of time bingeing episodes from the much-missed sitcom.

Now, a reference, or at least what seems like a reference, to the show has come from an unlikely source and it has fans celebrating on social media.

Schitt's Creek ended earlier this year but has a growing, cult fan base (

That source is the President-Elect himself, Joe Biden.

Yep, after Biden delivered his victory speech in his hometown of Wilmington, Delaware on Saturday after being elected the 46th President of the United States.

During the speech Biden became the first president elect to make a direct reference to the LGBT community, thanking "gay, straight [and] transgender" voters.

Afterwards the voice of the undisputed Queen of Rock Tina Turner rang out across Delware, the United States and the world. It was no coincidence, according to Schitt's Creek fans.

The Best, has been featured in two memorable scenes in the Emmy winning series. The first was when Patrick (Noah Reid) sang an emotional acoustic version to David (Dan Levy). The second time when a David lip-syncs the song to show his love for Patrick.

David (Dan Levy) performs a rendition of The Best for his husband Patrick (Noah Reid) (

Schitt's Creek has also received praise from fans and critics alike for its portrayal of members of the LGBTQ+ community.

During the speech, the show's star and co-creator Dan Levy tweeted a celebratory GIF from the show, with the caption: "Me in my living room rn."

Fans obviously took to Twitter to discuss the unlikely crossover.

One fan wrote: "I can't stop watching Schitt's Creek and Biden's team playing "The Best" last night was basically a sign to keep watching so don't mind me starting it over once again"

Another fan tweeted: "Finished bingeing Schitt's Creek last night-welcome distraction from non-stop election coverage. The heart and inclusivity of that series is what we all need right now. Biden playing 'Simply the Best' tonight made my year!!"

A third fan tweeted what could be taken as a warning about why everyone should watch the show. They said: "My mom could not understand why I got so excited when they played 'the best' during the Biden fireworks and in my head, i was like, if you would watch Schitt's Creek LIKE I TOLD YOU TO A MILLION TIMES you would understand."

A fan said: "Did anyone else finally break down during Biden's firework show when they played 'Simply the Best' thinking about Schitt's Creek," and another fan added: "Can't believe the Biden-Harris administration is starting out by specifically saying Schitt's Creek rights, truly the dawning of a new day."

A fan of the show responded to Dan Levy's tweet with a touching message: "Thought of this immediately when the song started. It now represents two great moments in my mind - my favourite Schitt's Creek scene and Joe Biden's win."

Another person hypothesised that someone in the Biden administration is a huge fan of the show. "Someone on the Biden team is a Schitt's Creek fan with that Tina Turner playing at the end of his speech."

Some fans think the meaning of the song changed after it used in the show which is why Biden and his team wanted to use it during his victory speech. One fan said: "Simply the Best will forever hit different post Schitt's Creek and I think the Biden team knows that and used it accordingly."

Simply, the best.

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