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Adele Roberts: Radio 1 Host Flooded With Support After Bowel Cancer Diagnosis

Adele Roberts: Radio 1 Host Flooded With Support After Bowel Cancer Diagnosis

The Weekend Breakfast host shared her diagnosis on social media.

Aneira Davies

Aneira Davies

A Radio 1 DJ has been inundated with support after announcing she'd been diagnosed with bowel cancer.

Radio 1's Adele Roberts, who presents the Weekend Breakfast show, shared the news on Twitter and Instagram, writing: "brb" with a thumbs-up emoji.

The presenter added: "Ok, there's no easy way to do this and it feels weird, especially posting on social media (I'm going full Black Mirror) but I'm hoping it'll reach anyone who might benefit from seeing it or reading it.

"For a while now I've been struggling with my digestion. Thanks to a conversation I had with my Dad a few years back I went to my GP for a check up.

"I'll be honest, I was embarrassed but I also knew that it could be something serious. So I went just in case."

She continued: "I didn't think anything of it at first and just assumed it might be food sensitivity. After a few phone calls I was sent for some examinations and checks. I was then diagnosed with bowel cancer. This was at the start of the month."

Adele shared her diagnosis on social media (
Adele Roberts/Twitter)

Adele then added that it had all happened so quickly and reached out to anyone suffering in silence, or who was worrying about their own symptoms.

She urged: "PLEASE make sure you get checked out if you have ANY concerns. The sooner you're able to see your GP or talk to someone the sooner you can get help. If I hadn't I might not be so lucky."

Adele revealed that she is due to have surgery on Monday to remove the tumour and see if she needs any further treatment.

She added: "So far the outlook is positive and I feel so lucky that I can be treated. It's just the start of my journey but I'm going to give it everything I've got."

She also shared a helpful post with symptoms to watch out for (
Bowel Cancer UK)

After sharing her news on social media, Adele was flooded with support by her fellow DJs and singers.

Greg James wrote: "This news has absolutely floored us all but let's do as @AdeleRoberts would do and rally round, stay positive and send her all our love."

Meanwhile, Aled Jones wrote: "We're all here with you @AdeleRoberts - your @BBCR1 family look forward to having you back on air with us as soon you've recovered. Big hugs from us all xx."

Over on Instagram DJ Scott Mills commented: "We all love you Adele. Its amazing you posted this. You're awesome and you've GOT this :blush::heart::heart:."

While singer Jessie Ware posted: "Sending you love Adele xxxx."

Alongside her post, Adele also posted an image of symptoms to watch out for when it comes to bowel cancer. These symptoms include bleeding from the bottom and/or blood in your stool, a persistent and unexplained change in bowel habit, unexplained weight loss, extreme tiredness for no obvious reason and a pain or lump in your tummy.

Get well soon, Adele!

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/Adele Roberts/Bowel Cancer UK

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