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'Loose Women' Gets Hundreds Of Ofcom Complaints Over Chrissy Teigen 'Debate'

'Loose Women' Gets Hundreds Of Ofcom Complaints Over Chrissy Teigen 'Debate'

Carol McGiffin said the photos made her feel "uncomfortable" and Jane Moore questioned if Chrissy was in the "right headspace".

Ciara Sheppard

Ciara Sheppard

Loose Women has received hundreds of Ofcom complaints after airing a 'debate' about Chrissy Teigen's decision to share photos on social media after losing her baby.

Last week, Chrissy and John Legend made the heartbreaking announcement that they had lost their son - who they named Jack - after giving birth.

The former model, 34, made the emotional announcement on social media, revealing they were "shocked" and suffering "deep pain" at their loss, while sharing black and white teary photos from the delivery room.

Chrissy Teigen shared the devastating news her little boy had died (
Instagram/ Chrissy Teigen)

The same day, the Loose Women panellists held a debate surrounding Chrissy's decision to share the photos, with Carol McGiffin, 60, saying the photos made her feel "uncomfortable" and Jane Moore, 58, questioning if Chrissy was in the "right headspace".

Now, broadcasting watchdog Ofcom has confirmed to MailOnline that the segment has garnered over 261 complaints as of Wednesday afternoon.

In the show, Christine Lampard, 41, read out Chrissy's post which detailed "the kind of deep pain you only hear about" before the women launched into a discussion about it. You can watch it here:

Carol McGiffin said: "I have to say that I did feel a little bit uncomfortable looking at them because I felt like I was intruding in a way.

"I know that she's put them up there and I know that she's had a lot of followers and fans who care deeply for what's going on with her whole pregnancy up until yesterday but I just felt like this was not something I should be witnessing.

"I'm not judging her and saying that she's wrong to do it, I don't know, I just think that it's such a private thing. I kind of question if there are some things that you shouldn't have to share on social media."

Carol McGiffin said the photos made her feel "uncomfortable" (

Jane Moore then chimed in: "Do you think it's the timing? Because it's very soon after it happened and I suppose that for me is the most 'oh' thing of it.

'"I look and I think, she's going through the most painful of experiences and I'm thinking, 'Is she in the right head space of that moment to make that decision to put it out there?'"

Instantly, the show came under fire online, with many slamming the panellists for judging Chrissy on how she should deal with her grief.

The discussion has garnered 261 Ofcom complaints (

One angry viewer said Loose Women should be "ashamed" for the discussion they aired.

They added: "Four women slamming someone for posting their baby loss online because it 'made them feel uncomfortable' Such an irresponsible thing to air to potentially THOUSANDS of lonely, isolated women & couples."

"Only now catching up on the news about Loose Women discussing how Chrissy & John should mourn the loss of their child! How dare any of them debate it!," another fumed. "I have never submitted a complaint to OfCom but after that I have! @ITV have some humanity with what you are airing!"

"Sickening that loose women find it acceptable to 'debate' whether it was okay for Chrissy and John to announce their heartbreaking news," added a third.

"Shouldn't have even been mentioned as to whether anyone else would do the same, it's their heartbreak."

Tyla has gone to ITV for comment.

Featured Image Credit: @chrissyteigen

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