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Victoria's Secret Model Reveals Maddening Reason She Was Rejected From 2017 Show

Victoria's Secret Model Reveals Maddening Reason She Was Rejected From 2017 Show

‘Your performative allyship is a joke.’

Kimberley Bond

Kimberley Bond

A former Victoria Secret model has slammed the lingerie brand in a viral TikTok video.

Australian model Bridget Malcolm, 29, took the video sharing platform to share a video of her size 30A bra which she wore when modelling in the 2016 catwalk show.

You can watch the video below.

The video, titled 'Times The Fashion Industry Sucked part 5', saw Bridget hold up the small bra.

"It's a Size 30A," the video says, with Bridget holding the label up to the camera, before hastily pulling it on over her current bra.

Bridget continued: "I am now a size 34B, which is healthy for me."

The petite bra, which shows just how think Bridget was at the time, doesn't fit comfortably on the model - who then explained why she was then dropped from the fashion show the following year by VS's Chief Marketing Officer because she'd put on weight.

Bridget claims she was dropped in 2017 after she'd put on weight (
TikTok - Bridget Malcolm)

"I was rejected from the show in 2017 by Ed Razek," Bridget said. "He said my body 'did not look good enough.' I wore a size 30B at that point."

Bridget then cuts to pictures of her posing at the 2016 Victoria Secret fashion show. While she's in a size 30A bra, the smallest size the lingerie brand could provide, Bridget points out just how big it was on her.

"The sadness behind my eyes from the 2016 fashion show breaks my heart," she said.

Taking aim at the brand, Bridget finished the video by saying: "Victoria's Secret your performative allyship is a joke," before captioning the post: "Too little, too late, Victoria's Secret."

Bridget said she could see how sad she was looking back at 2016 pictures (
TikTok - Bridget Malcolm)

Bridget's snipe at the brand comes after Victoria's Secret announced they were dropping their 'angels' in favour of a new 'VS Collective', which features models and inspirational figures from all industries of all gender identities.

The video has now been watched over 2.5 million times, with many in the comments voicing their shock at what Bridget had said.

"I'm so glad [Ed Razek] is out," one person wrote. "Things are changing."

Bridget is using her platform to speak up about the fashion industry (
TikTok - Bridget Malcolm)

"The fact they never sold 30A bras to the public, but had them for the models," a second said in horror.

"I'm so ready for Victoria's Secret to get cancelled," a third added, while a fourth said: "I idolised Victoria's Secret angels as a teen. Thank you so much for being brave and talking about this now, I'm so sorry. You're beautiful."

Tyla has contacted Victoria's Secret for comment.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok - Bridget Malcolm

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