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Love Island Viewers Want To Know When The Contestants Eat

Love Island Viewers Want To Know When The Contestants Eat

The secret is out - former Islanders explain why we don't see them eating on camera.

Laura Sanders

Laura Sanders

Love Island viewers are baffled that during the eight weeks the show runs for, they never see the contestants eating on screen - bar the odd picnic dates the couples are sent on.

So when do the Islanders eat? Who makes their food? And what do they eat during their stay in the villa?

Here at Tyla we're here to help answer all of those hard-hitting Love Island questions for you.

What time do they wake up on Love Island UK?

In every episode, we see the Islanders go to bed and wake up together each day. So what time is that exactly?

ITV told The Sun that waking up time "varies depending upon what has happened the night before." For example, if there's been a dumping the night before, the Islanders are allowed to sleep in a bit longer to, you know, get over one of their fellow Islanders leaving.

The Love Island bedroom (

But according to Kady McDermott from the 2017 series, Islanders aren't allowed to sleep in past 9:30am. She told Heat:

"The days were very long, and the producers never let us sleep in past 9.30am [because] that wasn't entertaining.

"They used to wake us up through speakers."

The Islanders make their own breakfast in the mornings - as you will see by the boys preparing their partners' cups of tea and brekky while they have a gossip on the balcony.

But lunch and dinner isn't quite as DIY.

Why don't they eat on Love Island?

Love Island's Zara McDermott told Cosmopolitan in 2016 that "producers would come to change [their] mic batteries [during dinner]."

Zara McDermott Love Island (

"That's why dinner is never filmed or you don't see anyone eating hot food."

And more to the point, hearing Islanders kissing down the microphones is enough - do we really want to hear them munching on their grub as well?

Do they have a chef in the villa?

Yes. The food is cooked for the contestants by a catering team. "The food tasted amazing," said Zara. "They used to give us a dessert after every lunch and every dinner, and the cake was unreal, and we could request food if we wanted."

What do they eat in the villa?

Chris Williamson from the 2015 series of Love Island told the BBC that they'd get things like pizza, lasagne and salad - sounds delicious.

Chris Williamson Love Island (

Is it true they don't know what time it is in the villa?

According to Georgia Harrison, who was on Love Island in 2017, Islanders don't know the time.

"I don't know for other series, but on my one we genuinely didn't know the time," she said in a TikTok video where she answered fans' questions about the show.

"D'you know how weird it is not knowing the time?

Georgia Harrison Love Island (

"We used to judge it by the sun or like where the shadow is on the table."

Surely the phones contestants are given have a clock on though?

Apparently not the right time, according to Chris Williamson. He told the BBC:

"If you were to be driven to a date location, the driver of the car would have his watch on a different time and the clock in the car would be a different time to that."

But he isn't entirely sure why.

"The only thing I can think is that it allows the show to dictate people's sleep and wake cycles more easily.

"Also, if something happens at 6pm each day - but you don't know when that is - it means the show can schedule stuff in more easily."

So there you have it, some of the Love Island secrets have been spilled.

Bombshell Georgia Townend from series 7 has recently revealed that Islanders don't eat dinner until 3am sometimes because they have no concept of time.

Love Island is on weeknights at 9pm on ITV and ITV Hub . The episodes are available to stream on BritBox the following morning.

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Featured Image Credit: ITV

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