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BREAKING: Zoe Sugg Gives Birth To A Baby Girl

BREAKING: Zoe Sugg Gives Birth To A Baby Girl

Congratulations to Zoe and Alfie!

YouTube star Zoe Sugg - aka Zoella - has given birth to a baby girl. Congratulations!

Announcing the news on social media, Zoe, 31 wrote: "She’s here! Meet Ottilie Rue Deyes 29/08/21."

Congratulations to Zoe and Alfie! (
Zoe Sugg)

Zoe first revealed she was expecting a baby with boyfriend Alfie Deyes, back in March.

Sharing a video montage of their journey so far, Zoe wrote: "We’re super excited to share with you, that our baby girl will be joining us in September."

Over the last six months, the YouTuber has been documenting her pregnancy journey with fans and followers. Just a few days ago Zoe shared two polaroid snaps on Instagram, explaining: "38 weeks! Not long now baby girl. Has this pregnancy gone quickly for everyone else too or just me?"

Meanwhile, at the start of August, Zoe shared images of their 'pre-baby party', explaining: "Yesterday we had our little pre baby party with family & friends and it was the nicest afternoon."

Congrats to Zoe and Alfie! (
Instagram/Zoe Sugg)

Throughout her pregnancy, Zoe has also opened up on how she's been feeling. Earlier in the summer, she shared three adorable snaps of her growing baby bump.

"Where has the time gone?" She wrote.

"Feeling pretty good in myself overall & feeling her kick about in there is just my favourite thing in the world (even when she plays my ribs like a guitar with her little tootsies).

"Have also been feeling pretty overwhelmed the last few weeks. Thinking of all the things I want to get done before she’s here, things we still need to buy, people I want to see before we have her, places I want to go... not that any of that really matters but my mind is really going into overdrive!

"I’m just trying to get a few small things done a day so I’m edging closer to feeling like I’m prepared but I’m starting to think even at 40 weeks you probably don’t feel that prepared?"

We cannot wait to see more of Ottilie! (
Instagram/Zoe Sugg)

We're so happy for Zoe and Alfie and cannot wait to see more of Ottilie!

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Zoe Sugg

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