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Jesy Nelson left frightened after sharing video of tiger lunging at her

Jesy Nelson left frightened after sharing video of tiger lunging at her

The former Little Mix bandmate was left visibly frightened by the encounter with the big cat

She may have been hoping to get up close and personal with wild animals, but Jesy Nelson wasn't quite so thrilled after her recent encounter with a big cat.

The former Little Mix singer was having some well-deserved downtime, visiting Port Lympne Safari Park in Kent after an intense couple of months promoting her first solo album.

However, she was left visibly frightened after the big cat lunged at her with only a layer of glass between them.

She even captured the moment on camera as she stayed at Tiger Lodge, a luxurious cabin situated among the acre-wide enclosure.

The former Little Mix bandmate had been staying at a luxury cabin which had views of the tiger's enclosure.
Jesy Nelson/Instagram

Taking to Instagram, the singer shared the clip with the caption: "Someone was hungry."

Despite her initially playing with the big cat, some of her Instagram followers were unimpressed by the clip which showed her in hysterics after the wild animal pounced.

"Behind the glass cage for everyone to stare at and tease. Nothing to do with the people staying there it's the animals," one follower commented.

Jesy had been playing with the big cat moments before it pounced.
Jesy Nelson/Instagram

Others agreed, with another fan adding: "I don't know. I have the feeling that this isn't alright."

One even wrote: “Ah that poor tiger stressed if jumping like that".

Some leapt to the songstress’ defence, arguing that the animal was playing with her.

"Tiger wasn’t showing signs of stress or aggression here, it was actually showing signs of play (they jump and paw at each other like that when playing with other tigers) and affection," one person commented.

Currently, two big cats reside in the enclosure, which is over an acre wide, leaving them plenty of room to roam around. The park has also denied the animal was stressed, claiming it was instead being 'playful' with the star.

While fans were unimpressed with Jesy’s antics, some of her 9.3 million followers were in awe of her luxury holiday home.

Jesy Nelson has been taking break from promoting her first solo album.
Doug Peters / Alamy Stock Photo

Fans were treated to a peak of the cabin’s plush interior with its vintage art and extensive library.

Those who want to have their own wild time might be in for a shock though, as a stay in the cabin costs roughly £1,200 per night.

While staying at the luxurious lodge, Jesy was able to make use of its incredible facilities including complimentary use of the golf buggy, a private garden and extensive views over the coastline.

Tyla has reached out to Jesy Nelson and Port Lympne Safari park for comment.

Featured Image Credit: jesynelson/Instagram

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