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Fans are just noticing a Made In Chelsea star was on new episode of The Kardashians

Shola Lee

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Fans are just noticing a Made In Chelsea star was on new episode of The Kardashians

Featured Image Credit: Disney+

A blast from Made in Chelsea's past was featured on The Kardashians, season two.

We love a good cross-over, it's the meeting of two worlds we didn't even imagine existing in the same universe.

Check out the bizarre cameo here:


So, when our beloved Kardashians returned to the small screen, complete with a strange cameo, fans were rightfully surprised.

A lot has happened on The Kardashians season two: Kris forgot she owned a whole apartment, Kylie opened up about her postpartum struggle, and Khloe had a brain scan that revealed the damage that was done amid the Tristan cheating drama.

And that's a lot to unpack for even the most dedicated binge-watcher, so we don't blame anyone for missing a tiny cameo from a Made in Chelsea star in the background.

One fan said that they were 'watching The Kardashians when I thought I recognised this man in the blue hoodie...'

We knew we recognised this face! Credit: @ruthiek90/TikTok
We knew we recognised this face! Credit: @ruthiek90/TikTok

They then cut together footage from the Disney+ show and the hit E4 show to help anyone struggling to place the man in the blue hoodie.

Turns out it's Alik Alfus' dad, Mitch Alfus.

For anyone wondering who that is, you clearly need to brush up on your Made in Chelsea trivia.

Still, we'll catch you up – Mitch is Alik's dad, and Alik, as you may remember is the heir to a leather fortune, who also dated Louise Thompson.

All good? Cool.

So, naturally, fans were surprised to see him in the background of the hit show.

One user wrote: "omg what an MIC throwback."

The Leather King was on Made in Chelsea. Credit: @ruthiek90/TikTok
The Leather King was on Made in Chelsea. Credit: @ruthiek90/TikTok

One had way better eyes than us, adding: "I noticed him straight away... so glad someone else saw this!"

To which another replied saying that they're glad someone else noticed: "Omg I thought I was loosing the plot! it was annoying me who he was then I seen him on MIC!"

Others, including us, were similarly thankful, saying: "Thank you! Knew I seen him before, been driving me mad!"

Another thought that it was Alik himself, saying: "Not me thinking it was going to be alik & he’d had a few tough years."

However, some thought it was a cameo of a very different famous face: "No cos I thought it was the man from Scary Movie who puts his grubby hand in the mash."

And, to be fair, we can kind of see what they mean but it is, in fact, the Leather King himself.

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Shola Lee
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