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Grammys viewers spot Taylor Swift's awkward reaction as Harry Styles is heckled by fans

Grammys viewers spot Taylor Swift's awkward reaction as Harry Styles is heckled by fans

The Anti Hero singer showed her solidarity for her ex, as audience members jeered the Grammy award winner.

Eagled eyed fans noticed Taylor Swift's reaction as Harry Styles was heckled during his Grammy acceptance speech.

The moment was eerily similar to the infamous Kanye West VMA incident, which saw a young Swift's speech hijacked by the rapper as she collected the award.

Swift can even be seen looking visibly upset as she watches in horror as several audience members yelled ‘Beyonce was robbed’ whilst Styles collected his Album of the Year award.

The former One Direction bandmate also beat the likes of Lizzo, Adele and Bad Bunny as he claimed one of music’s most prestigious awards.

However, Styles took home the coveted award for his best-selling album Harry’s House – which featured the number one hit As It Was.

As he took to the stage thought, he could be heard pausing as he tried to shrug off the jeers from the audience and continue with his short speech.

Despite the heckles from the crowd, Taylor Swift can be seen standing as she offered a friendly smile for her former partner.

The pair dated over a decade ago in 2012, but the Love Story singer can been seen supporting Styles and even becoming uncomfortable as the heckles increase in the short clip.

Styles was collecting the prestigious Best Album award.
UPI / Alamy Stock Photo

However, Swift remains standing while others around her stayed seated.

Understandably, the moment has gone viral on Tik Tok with the short clip receiving over five million views so far.

Fans of both Swift and Styles have praised the Anti Hero for her kindness, during the soul-crushing moment.

One Tik Tok user wrote: “They might be exes but at least she's showing respect! Not like everyone else."

Taylor Swift during last night's Grammys.

Others drew parallels to Swift’s 2009 VMA speech, during which the singer was heckled by Kanye West – who invaded the stage during the incident.

“Taylor is standing because she understands. She was told she didn’t deserve an award and she didn’t want him to feel like that,” wrote one fan.

Another added: "Taylor was having flashbacks...".

Swift was just 19 years old when she was shouted down by West, who took the microphone from her as she received the award for Best Female Video.

"Yo Taylor, I'm really happy for you. I'ma let you finish. But Beyoncé had one of the best videos of all time!" he told audiences, as he spoke about the now iconic Single Ladies video.

Kanye West interrupting Taylor Swift's speech.
REUTERS / Alamy Stock Photo

Whilst it resulted in a massive backlash for West, the moment haunted Swift for years and dented her confidence.

However, she would go on to have her redemption in 2015 as she won a VMA for Best Video of Year for her song, Bad Blood.

During the speech, she echoed West’s word and said: “So I guess I have to say to all the other winners tonight, I’m really happy for you, and I’mma let you finish, but Kanye West I’ve had one of the greatest careers of ALL TIME.”

Featured Image Credit: UPI / Alamy Stock Photo TikTok/@treatpplthetommoway

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