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Shania Twain thinks Brad Pitt is avoiding her

Shania Twain thinks Brad Pitt is avoiding her

No, Shania and Brad still haven't met each other.

Shania Twain has a hunch that Brad Pitt is avoiding her and she may be on to something.

The music legend released her iconic single ‘That Don’t Impress Me Much’ in 1998 which included a special shout-out to the Fight Club actor.

Shania Twain included Brad Pitt in the song's lyrics.
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In the song, Shania says that a man needs a lot more than a car, a rocket scientist job, or being Brad Pitt to win her love.

But in a shocking twist, the 57-year-old performer has yet to cross paths with the 90s heartthrob.

During a recent chat with comedian and journalist Amelia Dimoldenberg on Chicken Shop Date, Shania joked that she’s starting to feel like it's personal that they still haven’t met all this time.

“I wrote about Brad Pitt. I never met Brad Pitt,” the Canadian pop star confessed. “I think he’s avoiding me, honestly.”

Shania’s song has been in the news a lot recently after she replaced the 59-year-old’s name not once but twice.

Earlier this month Shania was asked whose name she would use in Brad’s place if she wrote the song today.

The lucky man who Shania would mention is Channing Tatum. In an interview with Radio Times, Shania tested out the new version of the lyric with the 42-year-old Magic Mike actor’s name. “I’m trying to think how I would sing that,” she said.

She then performed the lyric with Channing's name: “’Ok, so you’re Channing Tatum.’”

“Yeah, that works,” she decided.

Shania spilled that she recently watched Magic Mike’s Last Dance – the third film in Channing’s stripper franchise – which clearly had a lasting impression.

Shania thinks that Brad is avoiding her.
Abaca Press / Alamy Stock Photo

Shania’s special shoutout to Brad came after she performed the hit anthem at the People’s Choice Awards last year, when she used the name of a Canadian actor best known for his role in a superhero flick during the infamous line.

While wearing a pink rhinestone jumpsuit and a pink wig at the December 2022 ceremony, Shania surprised everyone by singing: “So, you’re Ryan Reynolds.”

The Deadpool star, 46, was naturally blown away.

While we wait to hear Brad’s reaction to being replaced, the Bullet Train star was asked to share his thoughts on the switcheroo at the awards ceremony.

“I think we can share the wealth,” he said in a TikTok interview with The Movie Dweeb, suggesting he’s a fan of the legendary namedrop. “Ryan’s a good egg, too. He deserves some love.”

Featured Image Credit: Shania Twain / Instagram / Shutterstock

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