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Harry Potter actor Rupert Grint admits he named his daughter after character from Netflix show

Harry Potter actor Rupert Grint admits he named his daughter after character from Netflix show

Rupert Grint has revealed the inspiration behind his daughter's unique name

Rupert Grint has admitted he named his daughter after a character from a very popular Netflix show.

The Harry Potter star, 34, welcomed his first child back in 2020 with his long-term partner, Georgia Groome, and ever since then the pair have maintained a lot of privacy when it comes to their family life.

But now, Grint has decided to share some intimate details about his 21-month-old little girl - and what inspired her incredibly unique name. Take a listen:

The actor recently appeared on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon and was discussing life as a dad when he was asked what inspired his daughter's name.

"Great name, by the way, Wednesday!" Fallon said, before asking: "Why Wednesday?"

And yep, you all guessed it... the name was inspired by none other than The Addams Family!

Grint said: "Well... I mean, I'm always hesitant to say The Addams Family! But yeah, it was kind of The Addams Family.

"Just always loved the name... it kind of memorable."

Rupert Grint and his partner, Georgia Groome, keep their daughter out of the public eye as much as possible.

His little girl's full name is Wednesday G. Grint, which Fallon brought up to the actor.

"Samuel L. Jackson kind of inspired that," Grint said when asked about what the 'G' stood for in his daughter's name.

"Yeah we love the idea of, like, an initial like 'Samuel L. Jackson', 'Michael J. Fox', that kind of 'speaking the initials'. So she's Wednesday G. Grint."

So there you have it! Of course, Jenna Ortega's Wednesday Addams from Netflix's Wednesday more than likely didn't inspire the name as her character wasn't around in 2020... but it's still absolutely iconic.

Grint then went on to discuss fatherhood in more detail during his appearance on the popular US chat show, with him revealing how Wednesday has spent most of her life in America due to him filming his show Servant in Philadelphia.

Wednesday has spent most of her life in the US due to her dad's filming.

"She does love Philly. She loves hoagies, she loves water ice. And I mean the big one is Target. She is obsessed with Target," he explained.

"She'd choose that over going to the park, or zoo. But she loves going to different Targets and seeing how the layout is kind of slightly different."

He continued, much to Fallon's laughter: "Sometimes she doesn't buy anything, she just wants to kind of browse. The toy aisle is definitely a draw, but she's more into lip balm, to be fair."

Featured Image Credit: The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon / Instagram/@rupertgrint

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