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Rita Ora and Taika Waititi announce they're officially married

Rita Ora and Taika Waititi announce they're officially married

Huge congratulations to these two!

Huge congratulations to Taika Waititi and Rita Ora who have tied the knot.

Ora revealed their wedding day was a 'perfect' private affair.

Speaking on Heart Breakfast, she said: "I am officially off the market people. I chose to keep it more private and keep it to myself more but with my new video I am playing on what could have been."

Congratulations are in order for Rita Ora and Taika Waititi!
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She continued: "When the rumours came out is she, isn't she? I wanted to play on it. I wanted to do a wedding that didn't go to plan… that's not to say that is actually what happened."

Recalling the big day, the singer said: "It was perfect. It was exactly, exactly how I wanted.

"It was nice and perfect. It is nice to keep some things just to myself sometimes it was nice and sweet… Sorry it's not that interesting. One day I will throw a big party."

Marriage rumours had been circulating for some time, after reports that the pair got engaged earlier this year.

In June, Lightyear actor Taika had a rather awkward moment with This Morning host Phillip Schofield, after Phil questioned him on 'wedding bells'.

You can watch the clip below:

At the end of the interview, Phillip said: "Well, we've congratulated Chris on his birthday... so Taika are there wedding bells?"

Taika quickly said: "You can congratulate me! It's in August! Let's talk about my birthday!"

He added: "What? Sorry, you're breaking up! Nope, gone!" Before throwing his mic to one side.

"Shall I not ask about Rita?" Phil said, with Holly adding: "I think he can't hear us!"

"Regardless, she's gorgeous, we love her here, she's always a great guest and congratulations!" said Phillip.

Rita and Taika have been friends for years, and have been dating for around 18 months.

Rita and Taika have been friends for years and have been dating for around 18 months. They went public with their relationship for the first time last year, at the premiere of Suicide Squad.

In February, Rita shared a tribute to Taika for Valentine's Day. “Us. 4 years ago. To now. thanks for being cool. And entertaining me forevs..Happy Valentine’s Day bestie," she said.

Huge congrats to these two!

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