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P!nk defended after troll says her hips ‘aren’t child-bearing’

P!nk defended after troll says her hips ‘aren’t child-bearing’

Pink clapped back after a troll on Twitter criticised her appearance.

Fans are defending P!nk after a troll tried to body-shame her by claiming her hips ‘aren’t child-bearing’.

The pop superstar, 43, was minding her business on 24 April when far-right commentator Stew Peters, 43, posted a picture of her in a crop top and low-rise trousers on Twitter.

“Those aren’t child-bearing hips,” he captioned the tweet.

Pink has hit back at a troll.
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After seeing the mean post, the ‘Trustfall’ singer responded: “Oh, Stewie. Stewie Stewie Stewie. You’ve got too much free time,” and added the clown face emoji for extra impact.

P!nk’s fans came to her defence on social media after her iconic response.

“It’s mind numbing that people actually think this way and say these things,” one Twitter user wrote about Peters’ awful comment.

Another fan gushed: “I just think you’re awesome in every single way. My 10-year-old sings and plays guitar and I love that she likes you because you’re such an amazing, healthy role model. Please keep being you, you’re just ace."

Pink and her family.

A third Twitter user shared a beautiful message to the three-time Grammy winner, writing: “P!nk!!!! Don't listen to negativity! You are an amazing talented artist and mom.

"I've watched your documentary and fell in love. You touched my heart as I watched you interact with your kids and having them a part of your life when you're so busy. You rock in so many directions.”

One woman replied: “Classy, as always. You are EPIC and a LEGEND (and a very beautiful woman) and we all should strive to be more like you.”

Lots of other women gave P!nk, whose real name is Alecia Moore Hart, compliments after trolls followed in Peters’ footsteps and shared awful tweets.

“You are beautiful! Hot as hell and sexy af,” one fan shared.

Someone else called P!nk’s response a ‘brilliant comeback’.

Fans rushed to support Pink.
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P!nk is known for sharing uplifting messages in her music for her fans across the world to enjoy.

Unsurprisingly, her message of self-love and self-acceptance has filtered down to her own children, too.

P!nk shares two children with her husband Carey Hart, 47 - Willow, 11 and Jameson, six. She once revealed her daughter told her she felt ugly ‘because I look like a boy’.

During a speech on stage at the 2017 MTV Music Awards, P!nk shared the important message she told her daughter.

“I went home and I made a PowerPoint presentation for her,” she said. “And in that presentation were androgynous rock stars, artists that lived their truth, are probably made fun of every day of their life, and carry on and wave their flag and inspire the rest of us.

“When people make fun of me, that’s what they use. They say that I look like a boy, or I’m too masculine, or I have too many opinions, or my body is too strong.”

“Do you see me growing my hair?” P!nk asked her daughter.

The lesson of today: Stop commenting on other people's bodies!

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