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Nicola Peltz Beckham denies there's a feud between her and Victoria Beckham

Nicola Peltz Beckham denies there's a feud between her and Victoria Beckham

Nicola has spoken out about the alleged 'feud' rumours

After rumours that Nicola Peltz Beckham was feuding with her mother-in-law Victoria Beckham started swirling following Nicola's choice of wedding dress, the actor has attempted to put the speculation of bad blood to bed.

Nicola, 27, who married the eldest Beckham in a glitzy Palm Beach ceremony back in April, spoke about the rumours in a new interview.

It seems the speculation all began around the time of the wedding, when Nicola turned up in a gown not designed by Victoria, but Valentino instead.

Nicola explains this is where she believes the rumours began, but emphasised that it isn't all it seems.

She told the Sunday Times: "I think it all started, and I’ve said this before, because I didn’t end up wearing Victoria’s wedding dress.

"But the real truth is, I really, really wanted to wear it and I thought it was so beautiful that Brooklyn’s mom got to make that for me!

"And I was really excited to wear it! And I didn’t end up wearing it."

Nicola and Brooklyn were married in April.
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Nicola explained she was excited to begin the design process, but unfortunately it turned out that Victoria's atelier couldn't make the dress on time.

"She said that her atelier couldn’t make the dress in time. But I, truthfully, was really excited to wear her dress," she added.

"It makes me sad when I read things that people say I was never planning on wearing it. That’s just not true.

"I don’t want to read everything, but when it’s in your face, sometimes you can’t help it. I guess with social media and stuff.”

Despite the speculation, the actor insists there is no feud between the pair.

She said: "It’s not a feud! I keep seeing everywhere that word, ‘feud, feud, feud’!

“I don’t know why they say feud? I mean, maybe they picked up on something? And now they’re labelling it feud?

“No family is perfect! I don’t pay attention to all of it... If I did, I would go crazy.”

The family at Victoria's show last month.

Nicola also discussed when she and Brooklyn might be starting their own family, explaining that while he 'wants kids yesterday' she'd rather wait a couple of years.

"We definitely want a big family. He has three siblings, I have seven," she added.

Gushing about the rest of her in laws, Nicola described David Beckham as a 'legend' and added that Harper, 11, is the 'coolest little sister'.

Brooklyn himself has also spoken about the feud rumours, telling Variety earlier this year that 'everyone gets along'.

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