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Molly-Mae Reveals She Is Struggling To Sleep In New Home

Molly-Mae Reveals She Is Struggling To Sleep In New Home

Molly might not have thought this one through...

Molly-Mae has been struggling to get a good nights' sleep in her new home thanks to the severe construction work going on in her building.

The PLT creative director recently moved into her new home with boyfriend Tommy Fury despite warnings from builders about the construction noise.

In her latest YouTube vlog, the 22-year-old accepted that she had made a mistake moving into her new house so soon, and should have listened to advice from builders to stay in a hotel for a few weeks.

Sitting in her wardrobe sporting a pair of Victoria's Secret pyjamas and a Zara leather jacket, Molly detailed the mess she had gotten herself into.

She told her 1.64 million subscribers: "Last night was my first night in the new house, which was so exciting. I'm not going to lie it didn't exactly go to plan in terms of it wasn't the relaxed vibes I was looking for.

"It wasn't as straightforward and chilled as I'd hoped it to be. Basically what I'm trying to say is I've definitely, definitely underestimated how living in a house with immense building work going on would be."

Molly confessed she had underestimated how loud living in her new home would be. (
YouTube/Molly-Mae Hague)

The former Love Island star admitted that she had "just brushed past" the fact that construction work would begin before the crack of dawn each morning.

She continued: "The noise is unbelievable... I've never heard banging that loud. Of course they're demolishing bathrooms so it's going to be really, really loud but I just hadn't really thought about it.

"I thought: 'Oh yeah it'll be loud and there'll be banging and drilling and stuff but it'll be fine, we'll crack on with our normal day, we'll just sleep through it.'

"Well let me tell you could not sleep through that even if you wanted to."

While Molly said that she and Tommy can learn to cope with the noise, her cats are really struggling with the ruckus.

Molly's cats are struggling with the noise.  (

Molly said: "They were terrified, they were trembling. The cats are very nervous anyway. It takes them a long time to get used to people, get used to new area.

"I hadn't really thought about that, I'd just skimmed over it."

As they work on their new home, Molly and Tommy have set up an account on Instagram to document to process.

Launching the new account back in March, Molly said in a post to Instagram: "It finally happened…Our NEW CHAPTER!!!" before tagging her new home account, @mollymaison_.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Molly-Mae Hague

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