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Molly-Mae Hague and Tommy Fury 'already revealed baby's name' and we missed it

Molly-Mae Hague and Tommy Fury 'already revealed baby's name' and we missed it

Do we already know Molly-Mae and Tommy's baby name?

Molly-Mae Hague might just have hinted at the name that she and Tommy Fury have chosen their baby.

The couple announced in a truly tear-worthy social media post over the weekend that they were expecting their first child together, and emotional fans have been dying to know the details.

However, during a quick Q&A session with her followers on Wednesday (28 September), Molly-Mae admitted that she might have taken inspiration from her time with Tommy on Love Island. Remember this?

When asked during the fan Q&A session if she and Tommy had decided on a name yet, Molly-Mae explained: "We had a boy and girl name picked out from basically the day we met."

She continued: "We are sticking with the name we've had planned all along."

From the day they met, she says?

Well, if you scour through the 2019 Love Island archives, during the episode when Molly-Mae and Tommy first met, there actually *was* a moment when baby names were discussed.

You can, of course, find that moment during the fan-favourite baby challenge, that usually arises just before the series finale each year.

Molly Mae has hinted that she and Tommy have names pick out.

During the challenge, which tasked each couple with taking care of a plastic, wailing baby, Molly-Mae and Tommy took parenting in their stride, happy to split the duties evenly.

In a quiet moment during the day, the couple sat down to discuss their baby's name after deciding that it was a boy.

After shutting down the name 'Mayo' (yes, that's short for mayonnaise), the two decided on the name of Tommy Jr, after his 'father'. Though, of course, he would be known to his friends as TJ Fury.

We're willing to bet that, now Molly-Mae and Tommy are preparing to become parents for real, these two are at least considering the name 'Tommy Jr' for a boy.

Earlier this week, Molly-Mae shared the adorable moment that she revealed to Tommy that she was pregnant - and it's guaranteed to have you blubbering like a baby.

The video, aptly named ‘The next chapter...’, revealed Molly-Mae covering up the pregnancy test in tissue paper and handing it to her other half when he returned home.

Tommy then unwrapped the parcel and realised what he was looking at before appearing shocked at the news.

The rest of the clip shows the influencer having an ultrasound scan at a medical care centre and finding out whether they’re expecting a boy or a girl - news that hasn't yet been shared with fans.

Though, we're hoping to hear more from these parents-to-be very soon!

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/mollymae

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