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Michelle Heaton Shares Heartbreaking Before Images After Giving Up Alcohol

Michelle Heaton Shares Heartbreaking Before Images After Giving Up Alcohol

Michelle bravely took to social media to share her story.

Michelle Heaton has shared a series of heartbreaking images taken while she was battling addiction.

Michelle, 42, took to Instagram to discuss her journey to recovery, and the government's recent announcement of how it will tackle addiction.

Michelle is now in recovery (
Michelle Heaton/Instagram)

Earlier this year, Michelle said she was 'days from death' before she went to rehabilitation facility, The Priory, to tackle her alcohol addiction.

She told The Sun: “They had never seen a girl come in who registered that high. A therapist said to me, ‘We didn’t know if you were going to make it’.”

Speaking out on Instagram this week, Michelle shared the heartbreaking images, writing: "I wanted to wait till I had the facts before I wrote this and I was am armed with the facts of today’s announcement on the government’s plans to tackle addiction. I welcome any efforts by governments to address this issue that affects too many families.

"Tackling the suppliers and helping those in addictions is amazing. I’m so pleased to hear of the extra treatment places, they are sorely needed. I’ll be honest - I didn’t have the money to get help, friends and family lent me that and I possibly wouldn’t be here now had they not as I needed the treatment within days.

"I’m hoping I’ll hear the word education lots in the coming days... Early education in schools is sorely needed and this is something I really feel strongly about."

Michelle shared the heartbreaking images (
Michelle Heaton/Instagram)

Michelle continued, warning: "This disease does NOT discriminate. It affects people in poverty and people with money. Once an addict we will stop at NOTHING to get the next hit, fix, high! Whatever that may be.

"Harsher punishments will unfortunately not stop us real addicts it will drive us to be more manipulative in our addictions! It’s a disease of the mind and the body.

"We need to also concentrate on STOPPING it before it grips us. Where do addictions begin? 'Brought up that way' 'Followed parents' 'Had no choice' 'Bad relationships'. The list is endless.

"It’s NOT a middle class problem it’s a you and me problem. It’s the kid who never fit in, it’s the wife at home bored. This disease does NOT discriminate. There is no poster boy or girl for this."

Michelle booked into The Priory where she got the help she needed (
Michelle Heaton/Instagram)

Michelle claimed that punishing addicts is not a solution, adding: "Punishment in itself is not an answer as it just ignores where and how to tackle it before it begins!

"Education, help lines and more information is needed most! From, a grateful recovered addict!

"Michelle Heaton, age 42 no bad upbringing didn’t grow up in poverty & certainly no middle class issues and never set out to be an addict . I never knew what an addict was until I almost died. Had you given me a warning or called me up and fined me when I was in the madness I wouldn’t have stopped.

"Information, the meetings and the 12 step programme got me sober! And guess what? It’s free! My passion now is giving back and helping others get sober and clean."

If you have been affected by drugs or alcohol, you can find help, support and advice at Turning Point.

Featured Image Credit: Alamy

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