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Woman shares her 'insane' changes after giving up alcohol for eight weeks

Woman shares her 'insane' changes after giving up alcohol for eight weeks

A TikToker shared the changes she noticed after giving up alcohol

Now that we’re closing in on the end of the year, some people are divvying up their New Year resolution list with a passion.

Normally, you’ll see things regarding travel, mindfulness and fitness take the centre stage on NY lists, as we all attempt to better ourselves- whether we stick to it or not.

But one thing that might become more popular is the Dry January challenge.

Dry January is the total exclusion of alcohol during the long month.

Whether you do this for charity or to feel better after the boozy festivities that Christmas welcomes, it doesn’t matter the reason.

As some people might be a little hesitant to give it a go for fear of being uninvited from parties or feeling like they’ll be too bored if not for liquid courage - but have no fear!

According to one TikToker, Dry January is the best thing you can do for your health and your looks.

Olivia, also known as @oliviamancuso__ on the app, has come out to share her life changing improvements to her health after adopting a low-alcohol lifestyle.

The 30-year-old initially had to stop drinking after getting a nose job and found that she was feeling and looking better almost immediately.

Olivia began the video: “If you’re watching this you’re someone like me who likes instant gratification, so you may be wondering what physical changes am I going to experience if I don’t drink for a month and I am going to tell you.

“I had to take two months off drinking, eight weeks straight when I got my rhinoplasty last year.

“I had already kind of transitioned into the low alcohol life but I had no alcohol from basically middle of April to middle of June and I gotta tell you, the changes were insane.”

So, what did she notice that was so revolutionary?

Olivia swears by her low-alcohol life.
TIkTok/ @oliviamancuso__

According to the influencer, she began to look more slim.

She said the first thing she noticed after about 3-4 weeks, is that her ‘face started slimming down immensely’.

“I used to like do the lymphatic drainage every day, and I noticed that like I was waking up with a slimmer face.”

Her skin also started to get ‘insanely clear’ as soon as she cut down on her booze and she also started getting an ‘even flatter stomach’.

Olivia explained: “I was waking up with a completely flat stomach and that flat stomach was lasting throughout the day.

“Like I had morning stomach all day.

“All of these changes were enough to convince me to stay on the low alcohol path.”

Now, she’s drinking a couple of alcoholic drinks per month and is ‘doing alcohol alternatives’ to keep herself fit.

Olivia also claims to feel as though she’s ‘aging in reverse’ due to the amazing changes she is seeing since adopting a low alcoholic lifestyle.

Olivia is 30 but feels likes she's 'aging in reverse'.
TIkTok/ @oliviamancuso__

You might think it’s a simple fad, but commenters were eating it up.

One commenter was total on board with the alcohol-free lifestyle: “Loving dry jan - may never go back.”

Another wrote: “’Morning stomach’ is so relatable. So happy to be doing dry January.”

However, one person didn’t agree with the slimming down effect, penning: “Girl I used to blackout like 4 days a week for MONTHS and almost a year straight. I have only drank like 5 times the past 2 months and I’m still fat.”

I guess it’s different for everyone!

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@oliviamancuso__

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