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Spice Girls Mel C praised over decision to withdraw from Poland New Year’s Eve concert

Spice Girls Mel C praised over decision to withdraw from Poland New Year’s Eve concert

She said she had been made aware of issues 'that do not align with the communities I support.'

Mel C - AKA Sporty Spice - has been praised for her last-minute decision to pull out of a concert in Poland on ethical grounds.

The singer, 48, made the announcement on social media yesterday (26 December), explaining that she will no longer perform in Poland on New Year's Eve.

The full statement read: "In light of some issues that have been brought to my attention, that do not align with the communities I support, I'm afraid I will no longer be able to perform in Poland as planned on New Year's Eve.

"I hope to be back there very soon."

Mel C will no longer perform in Poland on New Year's Eve.
Twitter / @MelanieCmusic

While Mel C has not specified why she was not performing in Poland, MailOnline reported that the country is known for anti-LGBTQ+ sentiment in some areas.

Certain Polish towns, for example, have described themselves as 'LGBT-free zones.'

The singer's decision to pull out of the performance has been met with widespread praise from fans who applauded the former Spice Girl for standing by the causes she champions, which includes LGBTQ+ rights.

Mel C has been praised for standing by what she believes in.
Alamy / Charlie Raven

One Twitter user wrote: "Thank you. Your performance would be used for propaganda and misread as support for our anti-democratic government, so it's the right choice.

"I hope you'll get a chance to perform in Poland soon."

A second added: "On behalf of all Poles, for whom democracy and the rule of law are of paramount importance, as well as respect and tolerance towards various environments and social groups, I would like to thank you for the very good decision you have made."

"Thank you for listening and showing some allyship. Many others could learn from you," added a third, while a fourth wrote: "Take note David Beckham some things are more important than money."

Mel C has spoken out about not being 'comfortable' performing at the World Cup in Qatar.
Alamy / WENN Rights Ltd

Mel C was also praised by various celebrities for deciding to pull out of the performance, which was sponsored by TVP, Polish state media.

Owen Jones simply wrote 'Hero' alongside a kiss while stand-up comedian Shaparak Khorsandi added 'Beat' with a kiss too.

Writer Juliet Kinsman remarked: "It's so important we all stand up for social justice - especially those on the public stage.

"Thank you Mel C for being one of the good guys and role modelling what it means to have values."

The singer's statement comes after she said she wouldn't 'feel comfortable' performing at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

She told The Daily Mail: "Personally, I’m an ally to the LGBTQ+ community and it’s not something I would feel comfortable in doing.

"People want to go over there and help to make a change. Each to their own, but it would be a no from me if the offer came.”

Featured Image Credit: melaniecmusic/Instagram/Shutterstock

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