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Fans defend Mark Owen after he appears on TV 'looking completely different'

Fans defend Mark Owen after he appears on TV 'looking completely different'

Mark Owen discussed his moustache and facial hair during an interview on BBC Breakfast.

Take That fans are defending Mark Owen after viewers claimed he 'looked different' during a recent TV appearance. Watch the video below:

The musician, 50, appeared on BBC Breakfast to promote his new album Land of Dreams, his fifth solo release outside of Take That.

It was released on Friday, 23 September and includes the singles 'You Only Want Me', 'Are You Looking for Billy?' and 'Magic'.

He spoke with Sally Nugent and Jon Kay about his new music and his moustache, to which Sally remarked his new look during the interesting and pointed out his facial hair.

“Actually, you look different,” Sally said. “The moustache; how long has that been there?”

Mark clarified that his moustache isn’t a new look and actually started out as a beard.

“It's been there for about four years probably,” he replied. “It started off as a beard and then my beard goes a bit patchy on [one] side."

He added he decided to ditch a beard because they ‘can get a bit sweaty on tour’.

“So then it became a moustache and it sort of stuck," Mark shared.

Unfortunately, some viewers decided to criticise Mark for 'looking different' in comparison to how he looked 30 years ago when Take That first took over the charts in 1991.

But with all the unfair criticism over some innocent ageing, lots of fans came to Mark’s defence.

One person tweeted: “Mark Owen looks amazing for 50! Are people really 'shocked' that he looks different than his early years. jeez. None of us look how we did in our teens or twenties.”

Mark Owen in 2006.
Suzan Moore/Alamy Stock Photo.

Another fan shared: “People to 50yr old Mark Owen ‘Hey you look really different than you did when you were 18!’ Hopefully Mark Owen in response ‘Well no sh*t!”

Disappointed with the reaction online, a Twitter user quipped: “Wow come on Twitter to see people Slagging off Mark Owen for having a slightly different appearance to normal and being older than he used to be?? Yeah because you're all oil paintings too right?”

During the interview, Mark admitted that his three children aren't fans of his upper lip foliage.

"My children keep threatening to clip it off," he confessed.

Mark shared his reasoning for keeping his facial hair and it's all down to wanting to have a consistent look as he promotes his new album.

"I've done my artwork," he said. "I can't change the look! I've done the video. I can't change my look now."

Mark shares two daughters and a son with his wife, actress Emma Ferguson.

Featured Image Credit: BBC Everett Collection Inc/Alamy Stock Photo

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