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Love Island: Danica says Luca has 'lost his head' for Gemma

Love Island: Danica says Luca has 'lost his head' for Gemma

Danica says Luca is 'obsessed' with Gemma.

Love Island star Danica Taylor has spoken out about Luca Bish, explaining he 'doesn't deserve the negativity' and defending her fellow Islander.

The 21-year-old dancer said Luca has 'fallen hard' for Gemma Owen, adding that he's 'lost his head a little bit'.

Danica defended Luca.

Speaking to OK! Danica said: "He's fallen hard. He’s lost his head a little bit and he’s just obsessed with her.

"He doesn’t deserve the negativity, he is a great guy. Yeah there’s parts of everybody that we might not get along with and I do see what the viewers are saying in some sense.

"He loves Gemma so much he doesn’t want to see her necking on with another guy, or doing anything."

Jamie Allen added during the chat: "But they’re being very hard on him."

While Danica added: "Because he is a really nice boy. Despite the situation with me... he took time to realise and calm down he was actually quite nice to me and said, 'Sorry, I’m into Gemma.'

"He doesn’t deserve the hate he’s getting. And he’s a great guy. People will see it in time to come, a reality TV show is very edited."

Danica says Luca is obsessed with Gemma.

It comes after Luca received some negativity during his time in the villa, both for comments made to Tasha Ghouri and for 'overreacting' in certain situations.

In fact, Luca got a grilling off his mum during the meet the parents episode of the show, who told him he had 'overstepped the mark'.

Sitting down alongside his mum and dad, Luca was discussing his relationship with Gemma, who the pair certainly seem to approve of.

But the conversation quickly changed topic, and the fishmonger got a telling off from his mum.

"I've wanted to come in and give you a good telling off," she said.

"When, what have I done?" Asked Luca.

His dad quickly interjected: "When you've overreacted."

"Sometimes overreacted," continued Luca's mum. "When you come home we'll have a chat about it."

Luca asked whether they thought he had 'come a bit strong' with 'the Tasha stuff' to which his mum explained: "You've resolved it, that's the main thing. Yeah you did overstep the mark."

"If I've done wrong I know it and hearing you two say it, even more," Luca added.

In other news, on Monday (8 August) we told you how Islander Remi Lambert called for 'justice' on social media after Luca and Jacques O'Neill mocked his rapping in an Instagram Live.

You can read more on that here.

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