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Kylie Jenner loses almost one million Instagram followers after 'mocking' Selena Gomez

Kylie Jenner loses almost one million Instagram followers after 'mocking' Selena Gomez

After fans accused her of having 'mocked' Selena Gomez, Kylie Jenner's follower count seemingly took a big hit

Kylie Jenner's follower count on Instagram has dropped by almost one million after the star was accused of 'mocking' Selena Gomez.

In recent days, Jenner has been accused of the controversy following Gomez's brow lamination (a brow texturising treatment), and was even forced to address the speculation.

Jenner shared an Instagram story featuring a picture of her eyebrows that said: "Was this an accident?"

But the reality TV star has since hit back at the allegations against her, suggesting that they are 'reaching'.


She added: "No shade towards Selena ever and I didn’t see her eyebrow posts! U guys are making something out of nothing. This is silly."

Well, fans did not take too kindly to that, with many taking to social media to claim that Jenner was 'mocking' Gomez.

Kylie Jenner is losing followers over recent comments.
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One person called out Jenner: "For those saying 'it was an accidental selfie posted' COME.. ON... The billionaire marketer doesn’t accidentally post anything. Be for really real."

Meanwhile, another wrote: "A secure woman would NEVER put another woman down."

Jenner's comments have seemingly impacted her numbers on social media, though she does still have a massive following.

According to Social Blade data, Jenner's Instagram following started to dip on Wednesday (22 February), with a drop of 124,711 followers.

The reality TV star lost more followers on Thursday (23 February), with a decline of 38,578.

Some people thought Kylie's post was a response to Selena's eyebrow video.

Come Friday (24 February), Jenner lost close to 50,000 followers, which continued over the weekend.

At the time of writing, Jenner has lost a total of over 750,000 on Instagram, though she does still boast a staggering 380 million followers on the social media platform.

It comes after Gomez announced that she was taking a break from social media shortly after she overtook Jenner to become the most followed woman on Instagram.

Selena Gomez is taking a break from social media.
REUTERS / Alamy Stock Photo

The actor explained to fans that she would take a quick app cleanse during a live TikTok video recently.

She said: "I’m going to be taking a second from social media, because this is a little silly.

"I’m 30 and am too old for this. But I love you so much and I’ll see you guys sooner than later.

"I’m just gonna take a break from everything."

Earlier this month, Gomez opened up on her troubled relationship with social media in an interview with Vanity Fair.

She said: "People can call me ugly or stupid and I’m like, Whatever. But these people get detailed.

"They write paragraphs that are so specific and mean. I would constantly be crying.

"I constantly had anxiety. I couldn’t do it anymore. It was a waste of my time."

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