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Kylie Jenner Branded 'Climate Criminal' For 17-Minute Private Jet Flight

Kylie Jenner Branded 'Climate Criminal' For 17-Minute Private Jet Flight

Kylie is facing heavy criticism for her private jet antics.

Kylie Jenner has been subject to serious backlash online and branded a 'climate criminal' after it was revealed that she uses her private jet for journeys as short as 17 minutes.

As unprecedented, record-breaking heatwaves sweep across Europe, and the cost of living crisis rages on, news of Kylie's regular private jet excursions didn't sit well with the public.

The makeup mogul first sparked outrage when she posted a photo on Instagram showing her and boyfriend Travis Scott posing with their private jets.

Kylie Jenner posted the photo of her and Travis Scott over the weekend.

In the caption of the black and white snap, she wrote: "You wanna take mine or yours?", and just like that, fury ensued.

People weren't impressed with Kylie's flex, and took to social media call out the 24-year-old.

Upon further investigation, fans learned that Kylie has been using her private jet to travel shockingly short distances.

According to Twitter account @CelebJets, which tracks the flight paths and CO2 emissions of the rich and famous, Kylie has been using her personal plane to fly on journeys that could easily be taken by car.

On 13 July, the page revealed that Kylie had flown from Camarillo, California, to Van Nuys, California.

Kylie is under fire for her short flight times.

While the flight time was estimated to be a mere three minutes, the reality star landed in Van Nuys 17 minutes after take-off.

According to Google Maps, a car journey from Camarillo to Van Nuys would take 40-45 minutes.

Later that same day, Kylie reportedly flew from Van Nuys, California, to Palm Springs, California - a journey that took just under 30 minutes.

Just two days later, Kylie took another flight from Van Nuys to Camarillo, this time spending just 12 minutes in the sky.

Depending on the model, private jets typically produce significantly more CO@ emissions per passenger than a commercial flight.

And according to the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), 2.52kg of carbon dioxide is emitted for every litre of aviation turbine fuel burned. 

Kylie's 12 minute flight would have taken 45 minutes by car.

While Kylie's short flights would release fewer emissions than long haul private jet journeys, they're still producing significantly more than a simple car journey would have - especially when it's less than an hour's drive away.

Like many celebs, Kylie invested in a private jet around the beginning of the covid-19 pandemic.

The $72.8 million (£60.7 million) plane carries an entertainment room, enormous closet, and master suite - though we're not sure whether she'd have time to use any of these on a 20 minute flight.

Featured Image Credit: Alamy/@celebjets/Twitter

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