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People Confused As Kim Kardashian's Hires Make Up Artist For Met Gala

People Confused As Kim Kardashian's Hires Make Up Artist For Met Gala

'Was it worth it Mario????? Was it????'

Kim Kardashian's Met Gala 2021 outfit certainly divided the crowd - some saw it as a work of genius whilst others didn't see the link to the American theme, and even suggested she looked like a dementor from Harry Potter.

But whatever you thought of the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star's face-less look, there was one person who's gig was certainly made easier: Her makeup artist, Mario Dedivanovic.

Mario shared a picture of the makeup he had used on Kim to help her prep for the big day, ahead of time.

"Prepping for the #MetGala today with @KimKardashian," he wrote, alongside a snap of some La Mer moisturiser, powder and a neutral eyeshadow palette.

He later shared another image of the makeover in action.

Mario teased Kim's makeup on his Insta (
Instagram/ Makeupbymario)

Sharing a snap of one of his posts on Twitter, alongside a picture of Kim on the runway (at least... we think it's Kim - her face is completely covered), author Bethany Rutter wrote: "Was it worth it Mario ????? Was it ????"

And her tweet was soon to go viral, with many others also laughing at the seemingly pointless makeup appointment, and joking about the quick buck Mario must have made.

"I really hope Mario had no idea what her outfit was going to be and then saw it on TV after spending all that time," joked one in the comments.

As another penned: "I just need to know what setting spray he used. And the aftermath picture".

"That’s like having a perfect Brazilian wax and then wearing your grannies undies," mocked a fellow Twitter user.

Kim's Met Gala makeup wasn't on show on the runway (

"Ahahahaha lol I was thinking about this "so Mario is not working too hard today"," said another.

Of course, Kim will have had to take her mask off when she got inside the venue, because a dinner was held for attendees.

Sharing a picture of what Kim's makeup looked like underneath her mask, Mario flaunted another snap following the runway, which showed his expertise in full.

Kim looked stunning in the image, which showed her heavily powdered face which endured the runway and a literal sheet of material over it, and still remained flawless.

Her bone structure was emphasised thanks to a strong contour and Kim rocked a sweeping cat eye to complete her look.

Plus, there were after-parties in which she was seen wearing a black latex eye covering, with the rest of her face on show.

We feel bad for ever doubting Mario now! We're sure she had him on speed dial for touch ups!

Featured Image Credit: PA/ Instagram