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Jodie Turner-Smith Forced To Defend Proposing To Joshua Jackson

Jodie Turner-Smith Forced To Defend Proposing To Joshua Jackson

The actress has faced backlash over her comments on the Oscars.

Following the now infamous events of the 94th Academy Awards ceremony, actress and model Jodie Turner-Smith was just one of many celebrities who took to social media to express their thoughts.

Jodie immediately faced backlash, with people mocking her for proposing to her husband, actor Joshua Jackson, and not the other way around.

The actress and model tweeted that she had second hand embarrassment over the event (

Posting about the confrontation between actor Will Smith and comedian Chris Rock the Queen & Slim star wrote: "and as far as *that incident* goes..... i am still procession. i have second hand embarrassment for all involved."

Twitter users were quick to criticise the star, with many turning to her marriage to do so.

One user told her to "go be cringy with your husband who you begged to marry you."

While another wrote: "I wouldn't expect you to know what a man protecting his wife looks like, seeing as though you had to propose to your husband in order for him to marry you."

Jodie Turner-Smith has no regrets over proposing to husband (

The Anne Boleyn star defended her decision to propose, writing: "ALSO, i LOVE that i proposed to my husband. 10/10 recommend. no, i did not get down on one knee. it was so special and in hindsight the only thing i regret is letting him tell you guys anything about it, bc you bastardised it for your entertainment."

While some continue to attack the actress, other users have argued that those referencing her proposal are being "sexist and regressive."

One user wrote: "the same people that are talking about defending black women are whacking jodie turner smith over nothing let’s be serious"

Another added: "You lot are making fun of Jodie Turner Smith for proposing to her husband while getting chosen by bums who won't even take you to dinner. Yall should be ashamed about THAT."

Jodie Turner-Smith and husband Joshua Jackson attend the Critics Choice Awards (

While many still follow the tradition that men should be the one to propose in a relationship, in 2021 Brides reported attitudes were begin to shift somewhat.

In 2015, a surprising study by Glamour found that out of 500 men 70 per cent would be psyched if a woman proposed to them.

While attitudes may be slowly changing, it seems as if women who do make this move are unfortunately likely to be mocked.

Featured Image Credit: Alamy/Instagram/jodiesmith

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