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Jessie J confirms who her baby daddy is in sweet Instagram post

Jessie J confirms who her baby daddy is in sweet Instagram post

After welcoming her first child last month, Jessie J has announced who the father is to her son

Jessie J has confirmed who is the dad to her newborn, following her announcement she had welcomed a baby boy last month.

The 'Price Tag' singer, whose real name is Jessica Cornish, first surprised fans in January with a beautiful pregnancy announcement.

And on 19 May, the 35-year-old shared the exciting baby arrival news, saying she was left crying 'happy tears' adding: "He is all my dreams come true."

On Instagram, the pop star told followers: "A week ago my whole life changed. My son entered this world and my heart grew twice the size.

"The feeling is indescribable. I am flying in love. He is magic. He is all my dreams come true."

Jessie J welcomed a baby boy earlier last month.

The post went on to reveal both she and her son are 'doing great'.

"I am so grateful phew *happy tears*. For all of you that have followed my journey to this moment, thank you for all your continued love and support.

"I will back on Instagram when I'm ready."

Now, Jessie J has confirmed to followers who the father is of her newborn - with it as expected being her boyfriend, Chanan Safir Colman.

The singer posted a selfie of her posing with her other half to her Instagram Stories on Saturday (3 June), with Colman covering his face in the shot.

In a follow-up message posted once more to her Instagram Stories, Jessie J spoke about how she had made a habit of opening up about her personal life over the years.

"I struggle to keep things private. I think if you know me you know that. I want to protect people I love and keep it for just myself...and then so often I think f*** it because life is short but i don't want to regret it," she started.

The singer posed with her partner.

Jessie J went on to pay tribute to Colman, adding: "I met this man, weeks after my miscarriage in 2021. Like a beam of light. He lit up my dark days. It was a whirlwind love and a miracle that we fell pregnant naturally with not one issue during.

"Grateful doesn't cut it. He has given me many of the best gifts of my life."

The singer then went on to say her partner did not leave her side during the birth, which we have recently found out was through a C-section.

Opening up about her experience, Jessie J said on Instagram earlier this month: "I was advised to have a planned C section for the safest birth.

“I went into active labour the night before and feeling all the feels but mostly just excitement for us to meet our baby boy.

“I guess I'm sharing this because so many people have said: 'Do you feel like you missed out on the birth you wanted?'”

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@jessiej

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