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Hilary Swank defended waiting until age 48 to have children

Hilary Swank defended waiting until age 48 to have children

The star explained that her career and finding the right partner meant waiting was the right thing to do for her

Hilary Swank welcomed twins into the world this week, and the actor has previously opened up about why she waited until she was 48 to have kids.

Swank welcomed her two bundles of joy with her husband Philip Schneider on Monday (10 April).

She took to Instagram to say: "It wasn’t easy. But boy (and girl!) was it worth it. Happy Easter. Posting from pure heaven."

The caption was posted alongside a breathtaking picture of Swank, looking out over the ocean, one twin in each hand.

Now Swank has explained why she waited a little later in life to have children.

She welcomed her twins earlier this month at the age of 48.

The P.S. I Love You star told Extra in an interview last year: “I was having a career and not having the right relationship until … four years ago, and all the elements needed to come together and be right."

Her reasoning is something a lot of older mums can identify with on their journey to parenthood.

She continued: "It’s just something I thought about, even as a young girl.

“It’s something that was on my mind, so it’s nice to be here and just be pregnant.”

The Oscar-winning actor announced her pregnancy in October.

She told Good Morning America at the time: "I'm so happy to share it with you and with America right now.

"This is something that I've been wanting for a long time and my next thing is that I'm going to be a mum! And not just of one, but of two!

The Oscar winner announced her pregnancy in October.

"It's so nice to be able to talk about it and share it."

Swank revealed that the cast and crew on her TV show Alaska Daily had no idea she was expecting until her public announcement, and she had to make adjustments while filming as her clothes 'started not to fit'.

She recalled that at one point on set she had to cut her jeans open because they no longer fit her and put a jacket over her costume.

She said: "[They] came and said, 'That’s not in continuity', [so] I said, ‘Oh, I think it works'."

She explained that all her pregnancy symptoms were 'doubled'.

The Million Dollar Baby star's pregnancy news comes four years after she and Schneider tied the knot in August 2018.

Swank got engaged to the entrepreneur in 2016 after previously being married to actor Chad Lowe from 1997 to 2007.

During her previous marriage, Swank shared her plans to one day have a family in an interview with People.

“I definitely would like kids someday,” she said in the 2006 interview. “That’s definitely something that I’ve always thought about as a very, very young girl.”

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@hilaryswank

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