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Harry Styles was once again hit in the face after a fan threw something at him during his performance in Vienna last night.

The 29-year-old singer was hit in during a performance at his Love On Tour concert in Vienna, Austria on Saturday (8 July).

In footage shared online, Harry can be seen walking around the stage when a small object flies into the shot and appears to hit him directly in the left eye.

The 'Watermelon Sugar' singer winces after the object struck him and can be seen quickly putting a hand up to his face.

Seeming to be in pain, Harry then bent forward for a few seconds before eventually standing upright and continuing to walk around the stage, but kept one hand over his eye.

This isn’t the first time Harry has been pelted with an object by a so-called-fan in the audience.

Harry Styles appeared to be hit in the eye by an object.

He was recently whacked with bunches of flowers and back in November he was hit in the eye after a fan threw Skittles at him mid-performance.

A clip from the performance shows several pieces of candy raining down on the stage, before one piece hits Styles in the left eye.

Similar to the clip above, Harry quickly brought his hands to his face, before he bowed his head to the crowd and put his hands in the air.

Throwing objects at performers appears to have become a bit of an unwelcome trend recently, with singer Adele calling it out this week.

Just last month, a man was arrested and charged after throwing a phone at Bebe Rexha - hitting her right in the face and leaving her with a black eye.

Bebe Rexha was left injured from the attack.
Instagram/Bebe Rexha

After the most recent clip of Harry was shared online, fans once again urged people to stop throwing things during concerts.

One person said: “This trend of throwing things at artists it’s getting weird because it’s not even funny, this could end in something really bad.”

Another wrote: “They gonna make artists not want to perform anymore at this point it’s getting scary for real. Like why can’t people just perform without being attacked.”

While someone else said: “People need to seriously stop this s**t of throwing objects at performers man.”

A fourth commented: “People are so nasty. First bebe and now Harry? Y’all have no decorum.”

“This object throwing culture is about to kill how we experience concerts and festivals moving forward. They’re about to get more expensive and more exclusive,” someone else warned.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter

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