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TOWIE stars Georgia Kousoulou and Tommy Mallet have opened up about how they dealt with their devastating miscarriage.

The latest episode of their ITVBe series Georgia and Tommy: Baby Steps, saw the parents learn that they had sadly lost their baby at their 12-week scan, leaving them in a state of shock.

Although filming for the series did stop for three days to give the couple time to grieve, they ultimately decided to keep going with the show and be honest about how they were coping with the heartbreaking loss.

Georgia and Tommy have opened up about their miscarriage.

Tommy, who already shares one-year-old son Brody with fiancée Georgia, told cameras: "Unfortunately we didn't get the results that we were staying positive for and Georgia has had a miscarriage. Nothing in the world can prepare you for that."

Georgia then shared that she was still really struggling, and hadn't gotten out of bed for three days.

"I think today I have been more positive about everything, because I haven't really been able to get out of bed for three days," she said.

Recalling the life-changing 12-week scan, Georgia shared: "As soon as he scanned me I knew something was wrong.

"I just knew it, I could tell by everyone's faces, I could tell by the silence and at that point everything just stopped."

Later in the episode, the TV personality opened up more about where her head was at, musing: "When someone says to you the baby isn't going to make it, regardless of what stage you are at that's your baby, it's like 'what do you mean? I don't get it... That's my baby.'

The couple are already parents to one-year-old Brody.

"I feel like someone has taken my baby away from me and now what am I left with? An empty bump with nothing in it.

"I can't describe what I feel because it's f*****g painful and the worst bit about it is that life is moving on and I've just got to carry on."

Meanwhile, Tommy shares that he has taken on the role of being Georgia's rock in this difficult time, and hopes to be able to give her as much support as she gave him last year when his mental health was suffering.

"I cope with things a little bit different because when you've been rock bottom the only way is up from it, so staying strong for me is number one priority. Like Georgia was when I was ill last year," he says.

"I feel strong at the minute because I've got to be for Georgia and the baby, but I'm just a bit worried it's gonna hit me one day, as it stands I've just got to carry on.

"It's my turn to be there for Georgia, she's been there for me so I've just got to make sure I'm there for her."

It was just last month that the parents shared their earth-shattering news with fans.

The couple are still reeling from the heartbreaking news.

Tommy wrote in a post to Instagram at the time: "& just like that life changes, it’s been a rough few days for my family but as always we keep it moving, Georgia is on the mend and it’s mine and Brody's mission to build her back up. We was documenting the pregnancy for our show and found out the bad news whilst filming, and as a family we’ve always said we need to keep it real no matter what, so we are going to finish the show off and hopefully help some people along the way! (sic).

"I’m so proud of Georgia, thank you for the messages we really appreciate it."

Later, Georgia issued a statement of her own, which had read: "We don’t really have the words to say right now except we are lucky to have amazing family & friends around us .. & most importantly we are blessed to have our beautiful Brody who we couldn’t of got through this without him.

"We will have the words soon but right now we are taking time for us as a family."

For baby loss support contact Tommy's and to learn more about miscarriage visit

Featured Image Credit: ITV / Instagram/georgiakousoulou

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