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Demi Lovato Tells Fans She Is Using She/Her Pronouns Again

Demi Lovato Tells Fans She Is Using She/Her Pronouns Again

The singer has revealed she has reverted back to she/her

Singer Demi Lovato has confirmed that she is using she/her pronouns again.

In May last year, the 29-year-old announced that she identified as non-binary and that she would be using they/them pronouns going forward.

In a post on Instagram at the time, she explained: "Today is a day I'm so happy to share more of my life with you all - I am proud to let you know that I identify as non-binary and will officially be changing my pronouns to they/them moving forward."

But during a recent interview, the Sorry Not Sorry singer has said she will be reverting back to she/her. 

Speaking on the Spout Podcast, she said: "I've actually adopted the pronouns of she/her again with me.

"So for me, I'm such a fluid person that I don't really and I don't find that I am… I felt like, especially last year, my energy was balanced and my masculine and feminine energy so that when I was faced with the choice of walking into a bathroom and it said, women and men, I didn't feel like there was a bathroom for me because I didn't feel necessarily like a woman.

"I didn't feel like a man. I just felt like a human. And that's what they/them is is about. For me, it's just about like feeling human at your core."

She continued: "Recently I've been feeling more feminine, and so I've adopted she/her again.

"But I think what's important is, like, nobody's perfect. Everyone messes up pronouns at some point, and especially when people are learning, it's just all about respect."

On Lovato's Instagram account - which has 138 million followers - it now says 'they/them/she/her' next to her name.

The singer has previously stated that she may not always identify as non-binary.

Speaking last August, she told the 19th Represents Summit: "Being non-binary, what that that I'm so much more than the binary of man and woman.

"And that we are all so much more if we allow ourselves the ability to look within ourselves and challenge that binary that we've grown up living in.

"I was very nervous in the beginning to come out as non-binary because I didn't want people to think it was inauthentic. I just wanted people to see what coming out as non-binary meant to my healing process."

She added: "There might be a time where I identify as trans... there might be a time where I identify as non-binary and gender nonconforming my entire life. Or maybe there's a period of time when I get older that I identify as a woman."

Featured Image Credit: @ddlovato/Instagram

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