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Love Is Blind's Danielle Ruhl Shares Photos She Previously Deleted Over Weight 'Shame'

Love Is Blind's Danielle Ruhl Shares Photos She Previously Deleted Over Weight 'Shame'

Love Is Blind star Danielle Ruhl has reposted photos she had previously deleted over "weight shame"

Danielle Ruhl appeared in the second season of Netflix reality show Love Is Blind, where she hit it off almost immediately with fellow contestant Nick Thompson.

The pair bonded over the fact that both their parents are divorced. Danielle also opened up about the fact that she has lost 70 pounds saying: “I didn’t even want to tell you that. I’m so scared about communicating it because I don’t want people to think, ‘What if she gets back to that?’ It’s something I’m constantly insecure about.”

Danielle and Nick continued to get along, becoming the first couple of the series to get engaged.

The couple are still together and a regularly posting pics to social media (

Since the show finished, Danielle and Nick have taken to social media to show the real them outside of television.

Most recently, Danielle has taken to Instagram to share photos she had previously deleted, or kept hidden, due to weight shame, posting: "The past year I’ve worked so much on self love and focusing on inner beauty regardless of weight and appearance. I know I discussed my insecurities on the show, and want everyone who related to know that you can overcome those insecurities, and are beautiful no matter what."

Danielle continued her post writing: "I deleted all the pictures of me at my heaviest from existence because I was ashamed. But I realise I shouldn’t be and I regret it and now embrace it."

One of the photos shared to Danielle's Instagram (

"I wanted to share a few photos of how my weight fluctuates throughout the months and years. (I even gained 20 lbs during filming due to stress). Showing this to remind myself and everyone that beauty comes from the inside. We should love ourselves no matter what." Danielle wrote.

"My weight can change all of the time based on time of year, healthy habits, stress levels, how busy I am etc. Now I forgive myself when this happens, and refuse to be my own worst critic.

"Also I’m not saying I’m heavy, fat, etc in these photos. Just showing how it is all over the place and has been and continues to be today."


Danielle has previously spoken to Women's Health about her experience of body dysmorphia, saying: "I also started to see a therapist. I have body dysmorphia, and it is something that I’ve actually grown a lot in.

"Talking with a therapist helped me recognize that what’s most important is what’s within, and I’m working on being able to forgive myself for how I view myself while also recognizing my own beauty."

Danielle has also credited self-love workbooks with helping her feel more confident in herself: "They give me exercises that have helped me work on forgiveness and not compare my body to other people’s, while also writing out the positive qualities about myself as a human being."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@dnellruhl

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