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Courteney Cox fans can’t believe her age after she posts transformation video

Courteney Cox fans can’t believe her age after she posts transformation video

The Friends star wowed fans with her new look

After endless Friends rewatches it can be baffling to see how some of the stars have changed over the years, but fans have been left struggling to comprehend Courteney Cox's age after she gave herself a 'Gen Z' makeover.

The fact she could nail the look of a Gen Z-er already proved that Cox is much more clued up on young people than other generations out there - I'm only a year away from Gen Z and I don't think I'd have any chance at pulling off Cox's look in the transformation.

But she absolutely nails it - see for yourself:

Cox has found a delighted audience on Instagram as she regularly shares funny videos and photos of her hanging out with friends and family, and her latest clip is up there with the best.

The actor showed herself scrolling through photos of 'cute' Gen Z girls before finding inspiration in one of their looks, with hair ties running through pigtails and shiny eyeshadow above winged eyeliner.

After completing her makeup and hair, Cox headed to her wardrobe where she picked out a crop top and low-rise jeans, showing off her impressive toned stomach.

Look complete, she set about taking some selfies with a variety of poses, before having to run away from family members spotting her playing dress up.

Alongside the video, she wrote: "Am I slaying this right?"

Cox's look was inspired by Gen Z fashion.

Fans were quick to confirm that yes, she was absolutely slaying it as they showered Cox with praise over the post.

"Not you looking hotter than any Gen Z queen!!!," one fan commented, while another responded: "You actually look great though."

The transformation video left fans unable to comprehend how old Cox is, especially with so many people used to seeing her frozen in her late 20s and early 30s as Monica Gellar.

Cox was 30 when she first began playing Monica in 1994, meaning she was 40 the year Friends came to an end after 10 years.

That alone is hard enough to believe no matter how many times you might have seen the gang head to the coffee shop for that final time, but it's even more difficult to comprehend the fact that was nearly 20 years ago.

Fast forward to today, and Cox is now 58 years old, set to celebrate her 60th in June 2024.

"Omg!! Seriously how are you over 50?? You look amazing!!!!," one stunned fan responded to Cox's video, while another wrote: "Wow pushing 60 and body says I’m in my 20’s."

I think we should all agree to give Cox an honourary Gen Z title, given she's so good at looking like one.

Featured Image Credit: courteneycoxofficial/Instagram

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