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Charlotte Dawson shares 'signs' from late father following heartbreaking miscarriage

Charlotte Dawson shares 'signs' from late father following heartbreaking miscarriage

Could it be?

Charlotte Dawson has shared that she believes her late father is sending her subtle messages to help guide her through her heartbreak.

Back in April, the reality star revealed that she and her partner Matthew Sarsfield had suffered a tragic miscarriage, and the couple have since been trying their best to heal.

As the couple try their best to move on and take care of their one-year-old son Noah, Charlotte believes that her late father, comedian Les Dawson, is communicating with her.

Detailing the 'weird' experience to OK!, she confessed: "Something weird happened to me. I was at home and I looked outside, and there was a pink balloon which just fell onto our balcony.

"It said the word 'Princess' on it. I felt freaked out. I really want a girl. I don’t know whether it could be a sign saying our baby was a little girl, or maybe we have a girl on the way.

"I feel like it was a message from my dad. I feel like he’s been with me throughout all of this."

She continued: "I like to believe my dad is now with my angel baby. It gives me a lot of comfort."

Only close friends and family knew that Charlotte had been pregnant with her second child earlier this year, but when she lost her baby at just 10 weeks, the former Ex On The Beach star decided to go public with the devastating news.

Charlotte and Matthew are parents to one-year-old Noah.
Charlotte Dawson/Instagram

Her heart-wrenching statement to followers read: "I was so excited to share our happy news with you all. Noah’s little brother or little sister, as you can imagine Matthew & I were absolutely over the moon our little family was going to be growing. I also found out on mother’s day which was just so special.

"But sometimes it’s just not meant to be, I really thought it was but it just wasn’t this time. Miscarriages are so common & not spoke about enough. We are so heartbroken right now have no words and just don’t feel up to posting being my happy silly self right now."

Despite the traumatic experience, Charlotte has suggested that she's still hoping to have another baby, and has even hinted that she'd love for it to be a little girl.

She said: "Everything feels a bit more positive and bright. When the time is right, I believe it will happen. You never know, we might have baby number two cooking by Christmas!

"That would be amazing. I definitely want a big family, and I’d really love to have a girl next."

Could the balloon on the balcony have been a message to Charlotte, after all?

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@charlottedawsy

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