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Charlotte Crosby Details 'Worst Pain' In Pregnancy Update To Fans

Charlotte Crosby Details 'Worst Pain' In Pregnancy Update To Fans

Charlotte gave her fans a pregnancy update as she enters the third trimester

Charlotte Crosby has revealed in a pregnancy update that she has been experiencing the 'worst pain'. Watch below:

The reality television star shared several clips on her Instagram Story on Monday (25 July) as she shared with her followers that her hips had been hurting.

The 32-year-old is expecting a baby with her boyfriend Jake Ankers.

“So, let’s have a little pregnancy update,” she began.

"I am getting the worst pain in my hips. Wow, was only the right hip but now it’s my left hip."

Charlotte spoke about her hip pain.

The Geordie Shore star then had a big realisation about her pregnancy. She added: "Oh my god! I have just sat and realised that I am in my third trimester. Well, in a couple of days I am. Technically I am in the third trimester.

"How the hell has has that gone so quick?"

Charlotte announced her baby news back in April and since announcing the news, the Geordie Shore star has been keeping followers updated with her pregnancy and sharing her journey into motherhood.

In June she told her followers via her Instagram Story that she had been suffering with sickness and had wet herself, telling followers her hormones are 'through the absolute roof'.

"Do not be fooled by this pleasant face," she told followers.

Charlotte revealed her unusual food craving last month.

"I've been sick in every toilet and sink downstairs, wet myself, the whole time burning up to temperatures that can only be felt in the pits of hell.

"Decided against smashing the house up in a fit of rage when I again couldn't find anything to wear. And now my hair's in a fu**ing bun! You know I never have my hair up ever! Especially not in a bun! Not with all of these fu**ing extensions in!

"I feel my bodily organs are about to burst out of my mouth... My hormones are through the absolute roof."

In May, she told her followers how she had started experiencing a rather unusual food craving during pregnancy.

Taking a photo of her dinner plate, which appeared to consist of cauliflower, tenderstem broccoli and mashed potato, Charlotte explained she's got a new preference over how her veggies are cooked.

"New craving, burnt vegetables," she wrote on the post.

Charlotte's followers have also been trying to guess the gender of Charlotte's baby, after she revealed the pair are going to find out during a gender reveal party.

People were left confused about the big reveal however some are convinced Charlotte is having a boy, with many taking to comments to discuss their predictions.

One person wrote: "It’s a boy for sure."

While another said: "Definitely a boy."

What do you think?

Featured Image Credit: @charlottegshore/Instagram

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