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Charlotte Crosby praised for normalising post-pregnancy body in latest Instagram photo

Charlotte Crosby praised for normalising post-pregnancy body in latest Instagram photo

She shouldn't need to explain herself to anyone.

Charlotte Crosby has recently given birth to a baby girl, and the Geordie Shore star has been praised for normalising a post-pregnancy body in her latest Instagram photo.

The reality star, 32, took to the social media platform on Thursday to thank her other half, Jake Ankers, for organising such a ‘special’ surprise for their ‘official anniversary’, and it included a stunning spread of roses, candles and heart-shaped balloons. Dreamy.

But it seemed that Crosby initially felt some hesitation into posting the photo - in which she looks gorgeous, by the way - as she ‘realised I still look pregnant’.

She said: “Please be kind in the comments, I realise I still look pregnant. I literally had nothing that fits and this was the comfiest thing on my C-section scar and the stretchiest thing for my tummy!”

Crosy added: “But that aside (felt I needed to explain myself) what a beautiful night not having to leave the house with the most two special people in my whole life. Alba and Jake you are my whole world. What a year.”

Charlotte Crosby looks amazing since giving birth.
@charlottegshore / Instagram

"You look beautiful darling," fellow reality star Billie Shepherd commented. "So happy for you."

Meanwhile, Katherine Ryan added: "You don't look pregnant - you look like you just had a baby and it's great to normalise what that actually looks like," while Holly Hagan-Blyth wrote: "The bump is so cute I want it to stay forever.

"I’m sure this has given comfort to a lot of women that this is totally normal! We need more of this!"

Her experience is certainly one that will resonate with a lot of new mums, as it’s perfectly normal for their tummies to be ‘bigger’ due to the muscles stretching in the postpartum phase.

She gave birth to her daughter just four weeks ago.
@charlottegshore / Instagram

In fact, NHS England states: “After delivery, your tummy will probably still be a lot bigger than before pregnancy. This is partly because your muscles have stretched.

“Breastfeeding helps because it makes your womb contract. You may feel quite painful period-like cramps while you're feeding.”

Those who have had a straightforward birth can begin ‘gentle exercise’ like walking, gentle stretches, pelvic floor and tummy exercises ‘as soon as you feel up to it.’

But you should wait until after your 6-week postnatal check before resuming any high-impact exercise like aerobics, running or weight-lifting.

Always speak to your GP or midwife before starting or resuming exercise during pregnancy or following birth.

The star first announced her baby news back in April, telling followers she's expecting her first child with boyfriend Ankers.

It was Crosby’s dad Gary who initially shared the exciting news to Twitter in October, writing: "So, officially a grandfather! Little girl, all is well. Excited for the new chapter in our little family."

The new mum then followed this up herself by writing on Instagram: “Alba Jean Ankers 14.10.22. Our hearts are so full my baby girl you have shown us a whole new meaning to life.

“You’re perfect in absolutely every way! Mammy and Daddy are so, so, so lucky to call you our little girl. You are loved so much more then you will ever know.”

Featured Image Credit: @charlottegshore/Instagram

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