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Brenda Edwards Posts Heartbreaking Tribute To Jamal Two Months On From His Sudden Death

Brenda Edwards Posts Heartbreaking Tribute To Jamal Two Months On From His Sudden Death

Jamal sadly passed away two months ago.

Brenda Edwards has shared a touching tribute to her late son Jamal two months on from his death.

The Loose Women panellist took a brief step away from the ITV series back in February after the sudden passing of her 31-year-old son.

Jamal was best known for launching his media platform SBTV, which helped to start the careers of some of the UK's most successful artists, including Dave and Ed Sheeran.


Exactly two months after his passing, Brenda has shared a black and white photo of her son, accompanied by a heartbreaking tribute from his SBTV team, which read: "There will never be enough words to quantify the impact of our leader and the visionary Jamal Edwards MBE.

"Not only was he our leader, he was a visionary that gave us purpose and helped lift us up in times of trouble.

"He helped to nurture and discover some of the world’s finest talents and at the same time help kick start the careers of plenty of us behind the scenes."

Jamal died suddenly in February 2022. (

It continued: "He has left a great void in our lives and office culture will never be the same, we worked unconventional hours and he would encourage all of us to speak our minds, ensuring we were all heard, something that is completely unique within a traditional working environment.

"As an entrepreneur he extended his platform to all of us not just on a professional basis but also on a personal one. He led from both the back and the front, no job was too big for him nor was there ever a job too small for him.

"As we try to look forward we cannot help but look back to what Jamal has achieved and established and we will ensure his vision grows from strength to strength, Jamal changed the world through his bravery, kind hearted nature and his inquisitiveness.

"We will honour Jamal by continuing this mission to inspire, empower and enable people from all walks of life, we will continue to connect worlds and bring people together in the way that Jamal would have wanted us to."

Jamal was the son of Loose Women panellist Brenda Edwards. (

The tribute concluded: "Jamal will live on through all of you and the talents you share with us and we will remain dedicated to providing a platform that will act as a beacon of light in these dark times.

"He taught us all to have #SelfBelief not only in ourselves but to believe in those around us. Never stop believing in yourself because he believed in us all."

At just age 24, Jamal was awarded an MBE for his contribution to music, and was also a DJ, designer, author and director.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@jamaledwards

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