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A Place In The Sun star Danni Menzies shares shocking injuries after moped crash

A Place In The Sun star Danni Menzies shares shocking injuries after moped crash

Danni was left with two black eyes and some serious gashes

Danni Menzies has revealed just how bad her injuries really were after being involved in a moped crash last year.

The A Place In The Sun star was knocked to the ground by a stolen moped that lost control back in October, and was left with some serious facial injuries.

Danni was rushed to hospital after being knocked to the pavement by the stolen moped, which was being driven by two women at 30mph.

Danni didn't show fans just how bad the damage was at the time, simply telling them that it was 'not looking pretty' but, after recovering from her injuries, she finally decided to lay it all out.

This week, Danni shared some old photos taken after the crash, revealing that she was left with two black eyes and huge cuts on her eyebrow and lip.

"I don't want to trigger anyone but wow," she wrote.

"I'm only just looking back on what went on a few months ago. Mental."

The presenter then showed fans a follow-up photo taken a few weeks after the crash when her black eyes had healed and her gashes had gone down.

"Couldn't even think about sharing any pics at the time," she confessed.

As well as the physical impact, Danni was also left suffering with post-traumatic stress disorder and post traumatic vertigo.

Danni was left with two black eyes and big gashes on her lip and eyebrow.

After the horrific crash, Danni told her followers that she planned on taking a break from social media while she recovered.

"Sooooo…. On Saturday I was taken out (on the pavement!) by a stolen moped that lost control," she wrote at the time.

“Didn’t see it coming and it’s not looking pretty right now tbh.

"I’m sure I will be fine in a few weeks but in the meantime I will be a wee bit quiet on here."

When Danni returned to Instagram, she opted for photos that covered her face in some way and had a fringe cut that conveniently hid her eyebrow scar.

Today, though, Danni appears to have fully recovered from the sore-looking facial injuries, with recent snaps not even showing so much as a pimple.

Danni had been a host of A Place In The Sun for six years alongside Ben Hillman, Lee Juggurnauth, Scot Jean Johansson, Leah Charles-King and Craig Rowe.

Just last year, though, she decided to part ways with the property show to focus on MTV new reality series The Challenge.

The British version of the popular American series will see contestants who you'll recognise from other popular reality shows competing against each other in various extreme challenges for a large cash prize.

The Challenge hasn't yet been given an official air date, but it's expected to arrive to TV screens this year.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@danni.menzies

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