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Woman shares before and after editing pictures to show ‘wild’ reality of Instagram

Woman shares before and after editing pictures to show ‘wild’ reality of Instagram

This is sort of terrifying.

The people of Instagram are mind-blown after learning how easy it is to completely change your appearance using a few simple filters, thanks to popular fitness coach Holly Cockerill.

Holly, from Blackburn, Lancashire, uses her social media platform to show people just how easily someone they follow could be using apps to alter their face and body before making an Instagram post - and the results are genuinely shocking.

To really hammer the point home, Holly shares side-by-side images of her natural look next to a heavily edited version of the same photo, so followers can see the stark difference for themselves.


In her most recent post on Instagram, Holly shared a collection of before and after pics side-by-side, from couple photos to gym pics to selfies.

Captioning the post, she wrote: "Haven’t done one of these posts in a while. I tend to hold back on posting these as some people get annoyed (and offended for some reason) but if you don’t like it, lump it.

"This is for the gals that need a reminder that not everyone is as perfect and airbrushed as they seem, and that’s okay! We are perfectly imperfect."

In one slide, viewers can see Holly posing beside her boyfriend. On the left-hand side, the couple look natural and unfiltered as they smile for the camera.

But, on the right, Holly has a slimmer waist, bigger lips, and more voluminous hair, while her boyfriend's face has changed almost entirely.

In another snap, Holly poses in a pair of brown leggings and a peach sports bra at the gym.

On the left, she shows off her muscles, has her blonde hair pulled up in a ponytail, and has a slight shine on her forehead. And on the right, her waist has shrunk, her bum has grown, she has luscious long brown locks that cover her arms, and a perfectly made-up face without a blemish to be seen.

While the before and after images are somewhat shocking - and possibly even disturbing to some, people are showering Holly with praise for being so open and honest about how easily people can alter their appearance online.

"My goodness it's wild what all these filters etc do! Thank you so much for sharing" commented one gobsmacked fan.

"Much prefer the left" wrote a second. "No filter needed! fab for sharing more young girls need to see the truth."

And a third raved: "Amazing! Needed this today, teaches women to be comfortable in there own skin, we need to stop putting filters on and be proud of who we are naturally."

Featured Image Credit: @holcockerill/Instagram

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