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Woman who flew to Turkey for cat eye surgery says she doesn't care what trolls think

Woman who flew to Turkey for cat eye surgery says she doesn't care what trolls think

Nasrin is confident she'll look better when her face heals

A woman who flew to Turkey to receive 'cat eye' surgery on her face has made clear she doesn't care whether or not people like her new look.

TikTok user Nasrin announced her plans to go under the knife in Turkey earlier this month before having the procedure done with her surgeon, Dr. Harken.

She gave fans a first glimpse at her newly shaped eyes two days after the surgery was complete, when her eyes looked sore and she admitted she was in 'quite a lot of pain'.

Nasrin stressed the importance of showing both the good and bad sides of her experience so others would know what they were 'getting themselves into', and she later followed up with another video in which she sat down with the doctor and explained exactly what she'd had done.

Dr. Harken described how he lifted Nasrin's eyebrows and cheeks, saying: "We are performing these surgeries because of the sagging of the eyebrows and the eyes".

Nasrin gave fans a final look at her face before going under the knife.

He added that the procedure can improve 'cheek fullness' and the definition of the jawline, before explaining why he had lifted the corners of Nasrin's eyes to create a 'cat eye' look.

"This is [making] the patients more attractive and eye catching... in my opinion," the surgeon said.

He continued: "There's no perfect age for this surgery because the perception of beauty is changing every day...this is beautification surgery for reshaping the face so we don't need to wait until we're a certain age."

After showing off her new look online, Nasrin, who uses the handle aestheticcliniclondon on TikTok, was hit with mixed responses from her followers who shared their thoughts on the procedure.

While some supported Nasrin's decision to go under the knife, others told her she 'looked better' before and 'didn’t need any more' surgery.

Nasrin has kept fans updated with her recovery.

People can think whatever they want, but Nasrin soon responded to make clear that she doesn't take the negative opinions to heart.

She shared a series of videos responding to the criticism, one of which showed her mouthing 'oh' along to a song with the caption 'scrolling through negative comments about your face'.

Another video showed her posing for the camera, with a caption which read: "People hating on my face and me knowing how sh** hot I will look when it's healed."

"Just give me 2 months," Nasrin added alongside the video.

The TikToker's supporters have said they 'can't wait' to see the results, to which Nasrin responded: "Me too."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@aestheticcliniclondon

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