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Mum undergoes incredible transformation after divorcing husband of 34 years

Mum undergoes incredible transformation after divorcing husband of 34 years

Zohrah said she looked 'better than she did in her 20s' after the makeover

A mum-of-four who was working tirelessly while also looking after her children underwent an incredible transformation after splitting up from her husband of 34 years.

Mum Zohrah, from Yorkshire, found herself run ragged as she was working as a care worker as well as looking after her four children, while her husband indicated that he 'wasn't interested' in her despite their decades of marriage.

Appearing on the Channel 5 show 10 Years Younger in 10 Days, Zohrah told the host that her life was 'very stressful' and that she felt 'lost'.

"I was working all the hours that god sends and I didn't take care of myself," Zohrah explained.

The mum eventually made the decision to leave her husband and embrace what she described as 'the beginning of [her] second part of life', but for a long time she didn't have the confidence to go out.

"During lockdown, I didn't see any of my family, I felt really sad and helpless. I seem to have lost touch with the world," she said.

"It's been the toughest and most horrible days of my life, being divorced and living on my own, then having to isolate for three months."

Zohrah wants to make the most of her life.
Channel 5

Realising that 'life is short', Zohrah decided to 'make the most of it' by going on the show, where she met with a cosmetic dentist, a skin specialist, a hairdresser and a stylist.

The cosmetic dentist helped Zohrah rebuild her confidence over her teeth after noticing gaps starting to form, while the hairdresser gave her extensions to create a thicker looking head of hair.

After her makeover, Zohrah was left stunned at the sight of herself as she claimed she looked 'younger than [she] did in [her] 20s'.

"Oh my god!," she exclaimed. "Is that me?"

The mum was left in tears over her transformation, while her younger brother also struggled to believe his eyes when he saw Zohrah for the first time.

Channel 5

"Is that my same sister?" he asked. "Oh my god! What's happened to you!"

The brother said that he didn't recognise Zohrah after her transformation, and encouraged her to make herself a priority after having spent years looking after others.

"Make yourself number one, you've given too much time to others over the years," he said.

Viewers described the episode as an 'uplifting watch', with Zohrah noting: "I feel like if life is going past me, I want to make the most of time I have left."

Featured Image Credit: Channel 5

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