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Woman shares result of not wearing suncream when driving

Woman shares result of not wearing suncream when driving

SPF in your makeup just isn't enough.

A scientist is reminding people to wear suncream on their skin while driving, after revealing the sun damage she was left with on one side of her face.

Hannah English is a pharmaceutical scientist with a clinical research background, who loves all things skincare – plus she's based in Australia, so it's fair to say she knows a thing or two about SPF.

But after getting laser treatment for sun damage, Hannah was shocked to see how much her skin had been affected by the sun.

While she's recovering from the laser treatment, Hannah is left with some sun spots on her skin for a few days – showing exactly where her skin has suffered the most damage.

Both sides of the blogger's face had a few spots, but there were significantly more on the right-hand side, or her 'driver's side.'

Although Hannah is a skincare whiz, she did confess that she had relied on the SPF in her makeup (as opposed to a cream) for 'a number of years', which is likely the root of the problem.

In a video posted to her Instagram for her 63,000 followers, Hannah explained: "I've just have some laser on my face and the laser is to target sun damage.

"So all the spots have gone a little bit darker before they come off in a couple of days.

"Now this is my left side – so there's a little bit on the jaw, there's a lot around the eye area.

"Let me show you the driver's side. There's so much more, so please wear sunscreen and sunglasses while you're in the car."

Hannah suffered far more damage on the side of her face that looks out the driver's window.

In the caption, Hannah added: "Obviously this is sun damage that happened because I relied on the SPF in my makeup for a number of years Because we didn’t know! And now we do. Tell your friends."

Of course, because Hannah is based Down Under, where there's significantly more sun, she's more susceptible to sun damage.

But that doesn't mean we shouldn't be just as familiar with SPF in the UK.

The NHS recommends that Brits use sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 to protect against ultraviolet radiation.

Even in the winter season, suncream is important to protect against photosensitivity, unexpected spells of sunshine, and skin ageing.

No matter how dull and dreary the UK can get in the colder months, you never know when a few rays of sun are going to seep through the clouds and hit your skin.

Better safe than sorry, eh?

Featured Image Credit: @ms_hannah_e/Instagram

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