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Mum transitions back to her natural self after spending £100,000 'becoming a bimbo'

Mum transitions back to her natural self after spending £100,000 'becoming a bimbo'

She's gone au natural and is happier than ever.

When it comes to a person's physical appearance, there is a lot of truth to the saying 'each to their own'.

One woman who knows this better than most is a mum who spent over £100,000 transforming into a 'bimbo' before deciding to embrace her natural self.

Tracy Kiss, 35, from Buckinghamshire, is a single mum who had no qualms about going under the knife, enduring multiple surgeries over the years including breast augmentations, rhinoplasties, bum lifts, a designer vagina and a hair transplant.

Tracey Kiss spent over £100,000 to become a 'bimbo'.

The upkeep of her 'bimbo' look was no mean feat either and she was spending a whopping £600 a month on eyelash extensions, fake nails, fake tan, hair extensions, filler, botox and makeup.

However, over time, she realised that her extremely glamorous appearance simply wasn't making her happy.

"I was always called high maintenance, and people saw it like a trophy wife. It was a weird way of living," she admitted.

"People would insult me for being fake and tell me comments such as I look awful with highlights in my hair or that I'm a slut for having red nails."

Tracey said people weren't kind about her old look.

Tracey admits that people are treating her a lot better now that she's opted for a more natural 'girl next door' look.

"If you look like you've made an effort, people think you're attention seeking, but if you look like a typical 'girl next door' people are usually a lot kinder and see you're not perfect," she said.

The single mum said that she adopted the look as it was a more 'glamorous and rewarding' way of living than just being a single mum, but it was people's reactions that ultimately made her unhappy and strip it all away.

"People who followed me before I started changing my appearance started telling me I had become a different person and I was shallow and needed attention," she revealed.

"It was as if feeling my best and looking my best made people attacked me based on my appearance, but when I make an effort I feel like can hold my head high with confidence.

"I don't deserve to be called ugly and getting trolled because of my appearance online."

Tracey has now gone au natural.

The single mum said that her life is very different now, but she is fundamentally the same person - the only difference is that she finally feels comfortable in her own skin.

"Having chipped nails and sweaty selfies seemed to make people nicer to me but I am the exact same person," she said.

"I don't feel like I look like a different person now that've stripped myself back, but can see I was far removed from who I was. I couldn't take the hate from people judging me over choices of how I wanted to look."

Tracey is now comfortable in her own skin.

Tracey admitted that it was only when she stopped maintaining the expensive look that she realised she didn't need it in the first place - as much as it made her happy in at least one way at the time.

"I realised I didn't need my hair dyed or long glossy nails to love myself. I am happy without as I am without. I have minimalised my life as a whole," she said.

"I have gone from being bleach blonde back to my natural hair colour. I have removed my fake nails and haven't fake-tanned in six months. I also don't feel the need to have my cleavage on show anymore so I wear Hugh tops and cover up more now."

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