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52-year-old mum who is 'ageing backwards' shares her secret

52-year-old mum who is 'ageing backwards' shares her secret

The mum claims to get mistaken for someone in their mid-30s

A mum who claims to be 'ageing backwards' has revealed the secret to her youthful, 'all natural' appearance.

Okay, we all know you can't actually age backwards - that's just not how time works, no matter how much you might try to relive your childhood or carefree early 20s.

Saying that, though, there are a few people who are very skilled at avoiding the effects of ageing, like Paul Rudd, Vera Wang, and apparently 52-year-old Ella Anderson.

The mum, from London, claims to get mistaken for someone in their mid-thirties thanks to her self-made remedy for ageing.

She says she's never had Botox, and instead managed to 'reverse' her ageing by developing her own facial exercises which give her a 'natural lift and Botoxed look'.

Anderson first developed her exercises after she turned 38 and realised her neck and face were 'changing, and not in a good way'.

Anderson claims not to have had any botox.
Jam Press

"Gravity was beginning to take its toll," she explained. "My cheeks were drooping, nasolabial folds starting to set-in, my eyelids were starting to hood, and just subtle but very ageing changes were starting to take place. And I didn’t like it. I realised the only reason my body was holding up so well is because of all the resistance training and exercises that I do."

In a bid to delay the changes, Anderson started learning about the muscles in her face and neck and found that 'just like how doing heavy-weight squats can make one’s glutes bigger and fuller, resistance training facial exercises can also lift and shape the face'.

"I dread to think what I would look like without them," she said, adding: "I love how I look with them and [it] saves me from ever needing to go under the knife, which I’d hate. They take me 15 minutes to do each evening and are a vital part of my beauty regime."

Anderson developed her exercises to challenge ageing.
Jam Press

Anderson begins the process by locating the muscle and resistance she wants to tone and placing two fingers on it, before moving the facial muscle in the opposite direction for 10 seconds and then moving onto the next area to tone. 

The mum spends 15 minutes every evening doing the exercises to help create her youthful look, which she says has led to men in their early 30s approaching her.

She explained: "I have dated a mix of guys. Some are 10 years young and some 10 years older. My preference is 50 or older. But the problem is guys that age may look at me, but just assume I’m so much younger, so they don’t approach me. 

"And the older guys that do approach me seem a little disappointed when they soon learn that I’m not some ‘young thing’." Anderson has racked up thousands of followers on TikTok by sharing her routine, and she's now on a mission to 'encourage women to age as fabulously as they’d like to, looking as youthful as they want to, despite their age'.

Featured Image Credit: Jam Press

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