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Mum who became a recluse due to acne now feels ‘free’ after finding ‘life-changing’ cure

Mum who became a recluse due to acne now feels ‘free’ after finding ‘life-changing’ cure

She said the 'miracle cure' has changed her life

A mum who became too self-conscious to leave the house after her first pregnancy triggered acne says she’s ‘free’ after finding a ‘life-changing’ cure.

Esme Jenkinson, 27, a healthcare assistant from Southampton, first developed acne when she was pregnant with her first child and became reluctant to leave the house as she thought people were staring at at her.

Esme said: “I was so embarrassed by my face to the point where I didn’t want anyone to see it.

“My daughter would point at my spots and ask me what was on my face. Typical kids, just telling it like it is, but it made me all the more self-conscious.

“I knew it was holding me back from doing all the fun stuff I wanted to do with my children but it’s only now that I’ve found a cure that I feel able to do those things.”

After years of antibiotics failed to make any difference, Esme says that after five-years she finally discovered a ‘miracle cure’ skincare that has left her acne-free.

The mum said she ‘tried every product on the high street’ and even visited her GP for help, but nothing worked.

Esme's acne flared up during pregnancy.
Collect/PA Real Life

She said: “After two years, there was still no progress with my skin.”

And the red blotches on her face were severely affecting her confidence.

Esme added: “I got to a point where I couldn’t leave the house without makeup on because I just felt like everyone would stare at me.

“Even with makeup, you could see the bumps on my face and the redness would start coming through towards the end of the day. I just felt hideous.”

One day, while searching for a natural solution, Esme says she spotted Bedew Skin on Instagram and, as she ‘had nothing to lose’, decided to give it a go.

Her skin left her too self-conscious to leave the house without makeup.
Collect/PA Real Life

“I told my mum about it and she bought me the essentials kit bundle for my birthday in March 2021, costing £85, and my husband bought me the pink clay glow up mask for £8.99,” she said.

After using the products every day, Esme noticed a huge change to her skin within just two weeks.

She said: “Within the first two weeks, my skin was a lot softer and smoother. It was the first sign that the products were working and my skin was healing.

“Within two months, the redness had started to die down and my spots were smaller.

“After about four or five months, I had completely clear skin. It was like a miracle cure.”

Her skin is now clear thanks to the 'miracle cure' skincare.
Collect/PA Real Life

Now Esme uses the products daily and swears by her new routine - and although the difference was initially in her skin, Esme says friends and family have started to notice her confidence grow.

“It’s not just about how much better my skin is, but also about how much happier I am,” she added.

“It feels amazing to just do the activities that I want to do with the kids now without the doubts in the back of my mind about how I look.

“I take them swimming and I go out with them with no makeup on, which is something I never thought I’d be able to do."

Featured Image Credit: Collect/PA Real Life

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