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Keeping Your Skincare Products In The Bathroom Is Ruining Them, Says Expert

Keeping Your Skincare Products In The Bathroom Is Ruining Them, Says Expert

Time to flush old habits.

So, we don't mean to alarm you, but you absolutely shouldn't be storing your skincare products in the bathroom.

It might seem like an obvious choice to keep your serums and moisturisers close to the bathroom sink to use after you shower and wash your face, but according to an expert, they could be totally destroyed if you keep them nearby.

The intricate formula of your favourite skincare product could be totally altered since they're susceptible to changes in temperature.

You shouldn't store your skincare in the bathroom. (

Head of Clinic at Face the Future Kimberley Hulme told Tyla: “I’m not at all surprised that so many people are opting to store their skincare products in their bathroom - keeping your skincare close to where you shower and wash your face can seem like an obvious choice. 

“I’m sure people would be shocked to learn that the bathroom is actually one of the worst spots to keep your skincare and can cut the shelf life of your products down by as much as half.”

So why shouldn't we be keeping our skincare products in the bathroom?

It turns out our skincare products are susceptible to changes in temperature, so storing products in this environment for prolonged periods of time can risk altering the formula of the products and damage the active ingredients that are key to seeing results from your skincare routine. 

The bathroom can alter your skincare's formula. (

Kimberly said: "When you shower, your bathroom heats up significantly and this can spell disaster for your skincare products. The rapid heating and cooling that takes place can fundamentally change the texture of a product and make it more watery - ultimately diluting its effectiveness.

“To make sure you are getting the most out of your skincare, you should really look to store it outside the bathroom and move products before each use. While it might seem like a lot more effort, storing your skincare in a more stable environment can help to prevent your products from showing signs of expiry well before they should.”

In that case, where should we be keeping our skincare products instead?

Where do you store your skincare? (

Kimberly says: “I would encourage anyone who keeps their skincare out on display to consider moving their products to a dark, cool spot in their home. In the same way changes in temperature can have an impact on effectiveness, exposure to light can destabilise skincare products - making them completely ineffective.

“A good tip is to check the packaging of your products, those stored in dark glass containers tend to be most likely to react badly to being exposed to sunlight.”

If you have been keeping your skincare products in the bathroom and are worried they might already be affected, there are some ways you can check.

Kimberly told us: “If a product starts to look or smell different to how it did when first opened, this is a really obvious sign that you should get rid. If you are choosing to keep any products in the bathroom, make sure that they are always completely sealed to help prevent the build up of bacteria.”

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