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Woman Has To Trim Her Eyebrows Monthly After Transplant

Woman Has To Trim Her Eyebrows Monthly After Transplant

Isabelle Kutxi explained how over-plucking her eyebrows as a teen left her with sparse brows in adulthood.

A woman has revealed she has to trim her eyebrows every month because they 'don't stop growing' following an eyebrow transplant.

Isabelle Kutxi, from Tetbury, The Cotswolds, used to spend 30 minutes every morning drawing on her eyebrows and even tried a few microblading sessions but she was unhappy with how they looked.

The 36-year-old beauty lover was desperate to have 'thick and fluffy' brows and decided to get an eyebrow transplant, after over-plucking her eyebrows as a teen.

The trend back then was having thinner brows, but after over-plucking them, Isabelle said they know longer grew back normally. Celebrities including Chrissy Teigen have warned teens against over-plucking their eyebrows.

Isabelle used to pluck her eyebrows when she was a teen, resulting in super thin brows.
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Isabelle said: "I dreamed of fluffy eyebrows for so long. I over-plucked my eyebrows when I was a teenager as it was the trend to have really thin brows.

"The trends changed and then thicker brows were fashionable like Cara Delevingne had. I saw celebrities with bigger eyebrows and wanted that.

"I tried to draw on eyebrows with pencil but it didn't work, it would take 30 minutes every morning.

"Microblading worked the first time but I was quite disappointed with how it looked the second and third time."

The eyebrow transplant procedure lasted three hours in which individual follicles were taken from the back of her head and inserted by hand into the sparse areas where her eyebrows once grew.

Hair follicles were taken from the back of Isabelle's head.
Kennedy News & Media

Isabelle is delighted with her new look, however, she has to get her brows trimmed every month as they simply won't stop growing.

"The fun fact is that the hair is still growing like real [head] hair," she said.

"They don't stop growing like eyebrows, they can grow really long if you don't cut them.

"Every month I go to have my eyebrows cut like hair by a friend, because I don't want to do something bad. It's worth it to have the eyebrows that I want."

She recently celebrated the one-year birthday of her new brows after getting them done in June 2021.

"The procedure was pain-free, the only thing that hurt was when they gave me two anaesthetic injections, one in my scalp and eyebrows, this was the only pain I felt.

"When I looked in the mirror and saw my new eyebrows for the first time I cried, I was so emotional because I'd waited for them for so long.

Isabelle now has to get her eyebrows trimmed every month.
Kennedy News & Media

"I went back to them [the clinic] the next morning to check everything was ok, the doctors were happy with my transplant."

Isabelle said it took 'four or five months' for her eyebrows to 'grow back permanently' after the procedure and they had fully grown back after eight months had passed.

"You have two or three months with nothing and you think it's failed but it hasn't, the doctor told me not to panic.

"I just put makeup on like I did before the procedure.

"After they grew back they stayed, I was super excited to see the first tiny little hairs.

"I wanted to tell people about it so they don't freak out, because I freaked out [when they dropped out]."

Featured Image Credit: Kennedy News and Media

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