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Woman says she quit her job after they didn’t let her take the day off to grieve her dog

Woman says she quit her job after they didn’t let her take the day off to grieve her dog

Sarah also deleted her boss' number from her phone

Animal lovers have rallied around a woman who declared that she'd quit her job because she wasn't allowed a day off to grieve the loss of her dog.

Anyone who's ever lost a pet will know exactly how tough it is, with their death often feeling like the loss of a family member.

This is especially true for dogs, who will typically stop at nothing to bring love and happiness to their owners, often for years at a time.

Sarah had spent 12 years with her dog.

So when TikTok user Sarah lost the beloved dog that had been in her life for 12 years, she felt she needed some time to herself to grieve.

In a post on TikTok, she described how she 'asked for the day off' at work, but her employers allegedly refused to grant the leave.

Sarah decided she didn't want to work for a company that couldn't meet her needs, so decided to quit.

"I’d like to think that [my dog is] up in heaven cheering me on," Sarah wrote in a caption alongside the video.

Along with another video posted a couple of days later, Sarah said she had been on probation when she lost her pup and was told she would have to 'come in or it would be an unexcused absence'.

This was said to be the case even though Sarah 'was going to get a note from [her] counselor' to excuse her. "I sent my resignation email 10 minutes before my shift and deleted her number from my phone," Sarah said.

TikTok users flooded Sarah with comments of support after she shared the clip, with one saying they would 'literally do the same thing' if put in the same situation.

Another viewer shared a similar story of their decision to quit, saying: "My dog needed to go to the vet ER and my job told me I couldn’t leave. I quit."

Sarah has shared her appreciation to all those giving their support for her decision, and explained that she had an 'amazing support system' to rely on after leaving her job.

She added that she's already waiting to hear back about another position she'd previously interviewed for, and expressed belief that her dog is 'looking down' on her and will 'guide' her on the right path.

"To everyone that has a similar experience or has last [sic] a pet, I am so so sorry, and although I’m not religious myself, I’d like to think they’re all upstairs cheering us on," Sarah wrote.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/sarahhemmelman

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